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hej hej! I am DeAnn.

I ride bicycles a lot. And because of that I have good things to say, and make good things.

I am told I am a good writer ~ see what you think.

I am told I make good bags ~ see what you think.

About DeAnn

Cyclist/Family Owned

hej hej! We are DeAnn & Kurt.

We ride in the City, and far far out of the City.

Cycling is the compass that has enriched our lives. It has taken us on many adventures, improved our mental and physical health, prompted us to start making bags, and it is currently changing how we live (subscribe below to follow along).

And we want to share our experiences with you in hopes that it will inspire, educate, and motivate.

More about us

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The Bag That Started It All...

What we wanted was a thoughtfully designed bag that met our needs so we could focus less on the ride, and more on each other

The Social

Featured Product: The Gräventyr Bar Bag

Gravel Bags

We, DeAnn & Kurt, are avid gravel cyclists, but it wasn't always... 

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