Join us IN PERSON at JULMARKNAD. December 3-5 at American Swedish Institute.

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Bicycling makes everyday an äventyr.

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It is a pandemic, and I am a one-woman operation. I make your bag. The last two years has been challenging for a small women-led business like mine.

Pandemics interrupt events, they interrupt buying patterns, and they in-turn interrupt production. In early 2020 we turned all production over to making face coverings for the medical and cyclist community, and we scaled back bag production for the above reasons. It is HARD to recover and get production going again, even when it seems things are somwhat 'normal' again (hint: they aren't).

For Holiday 2021, our inventory is EXTREMELY low. Because we are at Julmarknad in December, we have made the difficult decision to take all of our product off-line until December 6.

Below are links (coming soon) to descriptions and features of our products for you to view while our on-line shop is CLOSED.

Please visit us at Julmarknad December 3-5, e-mail me with questions, or DM me on IG.

I am here for your äventyr. I just wish there was more of me (and there wasn't a pandemic). I appreciate all the support you have shown! ~ DeAnn

*Once we are back online... Local Delivery is always FREE (select at checkout)

The Bag That Started It All...

The Around Town Tote Pannier Bag

The Essential Handlebar/Crossbody/Shoulder Bag

The Gräventyr Bar Bag

The Seat Rollio

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