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Building Community - MIA Bike Night

MIA Bike Night 2018 - The Social WINNER!
Desire to build community is at the foundation of äventyr.
Building community is what our first product, The Social, is all about.
And then there is biking and art - two things in our life we are quite sure we could not do without.
MIA Bike Night 2018 - photo courtesy Minneapolis Institute of Art
So we could not have been happier to participate in our first event -
As a former museum employee (my early career),
and now a bicycle entrepreneur working to build community,
this night was the perfect culmination of what I believe in and get excited about, and definitely a celebration of what äventyr is all about. 
MIA Bike Night 2018 - photo courtesy Minneapolis Institute of Art
äventyr was honored to be an event partner and we can not wait to do it again next year!
MIA Bike Night 2018 - äventyr table
We want to thank EVERY SINGLE PERSON from the bottom of our bike bags who stopped by our table at MIA Bike Night.  Meeting you in person and actually getting to hear about who YOU are and getting such positive feedback meant more to us than you could know.  We are still floating (or should we say rolling...) on an MIA Bike Night high.
äventyr - The Social
äventyr believes strongly in the power of digitally disconnecting and really getting out in the world and connecting with yourself and others. 
The Social was made for exactly that purpose. 
Have questions?  Reach out to us digitally for sure,
but hopefully we will meet you in person at our next event! 
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