July 6th @ Mill City Farmer's Market, A Stop on Our Organic Journey

July 6th @ Mill City Farmer's Market, A Stop on Our Organic Journey

Our participation in events is as limited as our bags, low quantity and high quality.  Therefore... we are proud to be at the Mill City Farmer's Market for Bike to the Market Day on Saturday, July 6th; 8 am - 1pm.

äventyr The Social headed to Bike to The Market Day at Mill City Farmer's Market

äventyr The Social headed to Bike to The Market Day at Mill City Farmer's Market.

Mill City Farmer's Market's (MCFM) Mission is to "inspire and nurture a healthy community by building a local, sustainable and organic food economy in a vibrant experiential marketplace." (our bold emphasis).

What follows is a little back story on why we started eating organic and why we wanted to participate in Bike to The Market Day at Mill City Farmer's Market...

Kurt & DeAnn, äventyr Owners, 1990

Kurt and I celebrating our 1 year dating anniversary.  1990.

Back when we were in college in the early 90s, Kurt started having reactions to certain foods after eating them. Kurt not only was getting violently sick, but he was missing out on a lot of fun dinners and special moments with friends when it happened ~ i.e. life.  After going through a number of these episodes together, Kurt being miserable and me feeling helpless, we started piecing together that Kurt had an intolerance/allergy to pesticides on the food we were purchasing.  No one was talking much about organic food at the time, but we began to piece together that eating organic might be the solution to ending these horrible experiences.  And once we switched, the problem started to go away...

Our family saying goodbye to The Bay 2006.

Our family saying goodbye to The Bay 2006.  [Our first dog, and best friend, Dunker, RIP].

Years later on a work flight from San Francisco to NY in 2006, the NYTimes introduced me to a writer named Michael Pollan.  When I read "Mass Natural" It was another light bulb for me not to simply trust words, but to dig deeper to learn about the story behind the words, in this case "organic".

Not long after reading this article, Kurt and I found ourselves moving to Minneapolis (This just so happens to be the same year MCFM was founded).  I can not say for sure when we started going to MCFM, and we do not make it as much as we would like because we bike together every Saturday morning Spring-Fall.  But I can say we are so glad that we can trust that MCFM is vetting their vendors and not just using shiny marketable words without substance behind them.

DeAnn & Kurt, äventyr Owners, out for a ride in Crook County, WY.  2019.

Me & Kurt out for a ride a few weeks ago in Crook County, WY.  2019.  We made all our food for this trip and made sure it was healthy and that our fruits and vegetables were organic.

Yes, it is true as cyclists we are extremely attuned to what we put in our bodies, but as you can see, long before that connection was made it was the simple fact that Kurt's body was telling us what he was putting into it was not right.  Always listen to your body.

Kurt, äventyr Owner, eating a healthy organic dinnerDeAnn, äventyr Owner, eating a healthy organic dinner

Recent organic dinner's we have had.

So we speak from our heart on the topic of organic as people who know the value of true organic farming, and we speak from the heart about Mill City Farmer's Market also as people who value voting with our dollars and supporting good people doing good things ~ especially in our community.

Thank you to MCFM and all the vendors that work so tirelessly to make the market a success! ~ DeAnn and Kurt

P.S.  There is bike parking at the Market both behind the Guthrie on the river side, and in the parking ramp across the street.

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