Ann Bancroft Foundation Added as 2020 Charitable Giving Recipient

Ann Bancroft Foundation Added as 2020 Charitable Giving Recipient

äventyr bicycle bags announces Ann Bancroft Foundation as a 2020 Charitable Giving recipient on Give to the Max Day

"The Ann Bancroft Foundation inspires and encourages girls to imagine something bigger. We strive to build confidence and offer tools that will allow a girl to go after her dreams and feel supported along the way.  Through grants, mentorship, and ongoing development opportunities, the Ann Bancroft Foundation is giving Minnesota girls strength to achieve their full potential."

On November 12 DeAnn notified the Ann Bancroft Foundation that they were named one of the äventyr 2020 Charitable Giving Recipients.

In keeping with our foundational belief of giving to good people doing good things, and making charitable donations to organizations that align with our brand and beliefs, we are proud to add the Ann Bancroft Foundation to our roster of 2020 recipients.

As a women-led business, DeAnn was particularly looking for opportunities to support girls and women to dream big and reach their fullest potential.  And as outdoor enthusiasts, we feel that the Ann Bancroft Foundation is a perfect match.  2022 will be the 25th Anniversary of the Foundation and their goal is to have offered a grant to a girl in every county in Minnesota.

Having both come from modest backgrounds and small towns, we know how valuable positive, supportive influence can be.  We also know as recipients of financial grants and scholarships, that the forward momentum can help send you down a life path full of ever expanding opportunity.  And we know how far dreaming big can take you!

äventyr bicycle bags 2020 Charitable Giving Recipient Ann Bancroft Foundation 
äventyr bicycle bags 2020 Charitable Giving Recipient Ann Bancroft Foundation
äventyr bicycle bags 2020 Charitable Giving Recipient Ann Bancroft Foundation
Images courtesy of the Ann Bancroft Foundation.

"The experiences the Ann Bancroft Foundation Grant supports will help applicants begin to explore the outside world around them through the lens of recognizing their own abilities, values, and strengths and provide them with the opportunity to be part of a team, build strength and confidence, and push themselves farther."

"The Ann Bancroft Foundation Grant application is open to any K–12th grade Minnesota resident who identifies as a girl, including those who identify as cisgender, transgender, gender non-conforming, and gender non-binary people."

As avid cyclists, we wanted to help get you started thinking about the types of things you (or the young person in your life) could apply for a grant for; here are just a few  seeds of ideas that came to mind that we encourage you to expand on:

  • A new bicycle.  Purchasing a bicycle can be a financial barrier for many people, why not get some help to get you started!  There is nothing more exciting than the power of a first bicycle and the journey it will take you on will last a lifetime.
  • Equipment for your bicycle to get to school and extra-curricular activities.  Consider things like a bicycle bag to help carry both the tools and personal items you need (no bias here...), better tires can reduce travel stress and get you where you need to go (puncture resistant tires, studded winter tires, etc.), bicycle lights (be seen on your bicycle day and night!), a helmet, etc.  We believe the better equipment you have, the more you will both enjoy biking AND be safe doing it.
  • A smart trainer.  Beyond the days of Covid, having a smart trainer for your bicycle in Winter and on days you can't get out for a ride will help with mental and physical fitness for the long-term.
  • Yoga certification.  Yoga is a great compliment to cycling!  As yoga practitioners, we are always seeking out yogi's who cycle and have created classes to best serve cyclists as a counterbalance to all that time on the bike.  What a great path this could take you down!
  • Travel Stipend.  Maybe your grant takes you to a place like Copenhagen or Amsterdam and you find yourself rolling through a life-changing experience of being immersed in what a bicycle-forward community looks like!

These are just a FEW ideas, we know you will come up with something tailored just for you and can't wait to see what you do!  Think Big, and then THINK BIGGER!  Past grant recipients have done amazing things, check out their Trailblazer Stories (click here).

If you are not familiar with who Ann Bancroft is, read about her story (click here).

äventyr is excited to be donating to the Ann Bancroft Foundation on Give to the Max Day 2020.  The Foundation will be receiving a matching grant, making our donation dollars go twice as far!  ~DeAnn & Kurt, Owners

For additional information on our Charitable Giving (click here).

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