Secondhand Hounds Kentucky Rescue Sponsorship

Secondhand Hounds Kentucky Rescue Sponsorship

If you know anything about äventyr, you know that we are big dog people; particularly German Shepherds. 

äventyr bicycle bags sponsors Genie and Secondhand Hounds

When we received an e-mail from Secondhand Hounds on July 7, 2021, we knew immediately we wanted to help.  We have had a great Summer Season at Mill City Farmers Market, thanks to their loyal customers, who are now ours.  We felt sponsoring Genie would be the perfect reason to reinvest the generosity of all of our new, and returning, customers during the Summer of 2021.

I wish I had their stories so I could convince you they are deserving of a foster. I wish I could tell you what they have been through, what their real name is, if they have known love before. But I can't. All I can tell you is what we have named them, an approximate age, and that they are good boys and girls. They just need a chance. Help us give them, and many more, a second chance. That is what rescue is all about. ~ Rachel Mairose, Executive Director

äventyr bicycle bags sponsor of Genie rescue Secondhand Hounds

äventyr bicycle bags sponsor of Genie rescue Secondhand Hounds

Genie arrived in Minnesota Sunday evening and we were able to watch the live stream as the van arrived from Kentucky and Genie was the first one out!  Yes, we cried and hugged each other ~ we were so happy for his future!

äventyr bicycle bags sponsor of Genie rescue Secondhand Hounds

Wednesday we received Genie's 'glamour shots' and fell deeper in love.  This guy just melts our heart.  We have had more than one discussion of 'are you sure we can't adopt Genie?', but we know three dogs might be a bit much for us ~ and that Genie will be the absolute perfect family member to his new family.

äventyr bicycle bags sponsors Secondhand Hounds rescue Genie

We can't wait to follow Genie's story and see him welcomed into his forever home (maybe that's yours?).  Genie is adoptable:  Go Here.

Donations are always welcome at Secondhand Hounds, who does AMAZING work ~ more information on their website here.

We gave on behalf of you, but also in memory of our beloved German Shepherds Dunker and Loki (RIP).

Thank you for your purchases, which allow us to support good people doing good things! ~ DeAnn & Kurt

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