Gone Graveling Festival + äventyr

Gone Graveling Festival + äventyr

As a woman in cycling, an avid cyclist, and in particular a gravel cyclist...

äventyr bicycle bags is proud to announce we are a Gone Graveling Festival raffle sponsor for 2022. 

äventyr bicycle bags Girls Gone Gravel Festival Raffle Sponsor 


We have provided the Gone Graveling Festival with two goodie bags that may include something shown in the above photos (that's me in my gravel happy places).  Two lucky Gone Graveling Festival participants will be joining the äventyr family ~ and we could not be more excited to welcome them with open arms.


Earlier this year I was considering closing äventyr down; it’s been a challenging couple of years.  But äventyr is so much more than a business to me, it is about supporting people who love to cycle beyond just providing them bicycle bags.  Particularly women.  I decided instead of closing, to focus more on life this year and slow down with äventyr a bit.  And I also wanted to find new ways to focus my business.  That’s where the Gone Gravel Festival comes in...

When I was thinking about giving away my inventory and closing, I instead found Feisty and all the GREAT things they are doing; and saw the information about the Girls Gone Gravel Festival. 

I helped organize a gravel event for women here in Minneapolis with my friend Sophie last year (Emerge), so I reached out to Aimee and Kathryn with Girls Gone Gravel about the Festival to see if there was any way I could help, and show support.  We landed on participating in a raffle ~ which is the perfect way for äventyr to be involved this year.


Gone Graveling Festival will be held April 28-30, 2022 in Bentonville, Arkansas.

Due to other travel plans, äventyr is unable to attend the Gone Graveling Festival this year, but perhaps in 2023...  The next best thing to us not being there, is showing up for the community of women that will be.

äventyr bicycle bags owner DeAnn at Emerge Women's Gravel 2021

I looked up Girls Gone Gravel this morning because I have been thinking a lot about my business the last few weeks and my next steps.  I honestly was awake two hours last night mulling it all over and thinking maybe I should just start giving away my bags (which is why I came to your IG to look up women gravel cyclists).  But as I was doing that, something else clicked with me, something I had been pondering.  Remembering you are out there this morning may have happened for a reason...
I am an avid woman cyclist, who fell deeply for gravel, own and sew bicycle bags for my company ~ äventyr (including gravel bags), and turned 50 this year.  I am ALL ABOUT supporting all women in riding bikes.  This is me in my happy place.  I don't 'do' gravel events, but I go to a lot of them...
The truth is, my business is small, and it is just me.  I have decided not to do local events in 2022 (like local farmer and craft markets) and I know my business will suffer for it.  I have contemplated closing up shop a lot the last few months.  But the thought of giving it all up makes me feel sad, disappointed, and deflated.  I know I make good products because people tell me, but it is hard to compete with 'the big guys' and frankly ~ all the guys, out there making bike bags.  But at the end of the day, there is that part of me that started doing this for a reason , and it is MUCH MORE than about bags.  I just can't give up yet.  I had been thinking it might be a better use of my time to support events and go to where my customer is, rather than places they might happen to be.  So, all this makes me wonder, is there some way I can be involved in/help with your event??

This year Girls Gone Gravel has been a gateway to connecting me to some amazing resources through Feisty Media [which I will be talking about in my current blog series (How a Cyclist Eats:  Part 3)].  It is my hope that participating in the Girls Gone Graveling Raffle is only the beginning of a long and supportive partnership.

From one Girl Gone Graveling, to all of the Festival Participants ~ you make me proud to be part of this community! ~DeAnn

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