A New Year, a new äventyr ~ A Note from DeAnn & Kurt

A New Year, a new äventyr ~ A Note from DeAnn & Kurt

äventyr bicycle bags launched in 2018

We launched äventyr in 2018, but did not actually start selling product until 2019.  We had less than ONE year actually in business before the pandemic was declared.  Despite the challenges of the last two years, äventyr continues to grow, and in 2021 our business was self-sustaining for the first time!  This is a big accomplishment for a small business, and we owe it all to the äventyr family!

Meeting people at events has been such a joy, and a motivator.  We love that you share your stories with us, come back to us with positive feedback, and just as important ~ you tell your friends and family about us.  For a small business like us, word of mouth is really the only way forward.

So let’s talk about 2022…

The big news is ~ We are taking a break from selling at markets.

Kurt and I want to focus on life, and riding, as much as we can this year. 

So if we aren't at markets, what will we be doing you ask?  Well, read on...

äventyr bicycle bags owners DeAnn and Kurt on a gravel bike ride in Wisconsin

We will be RIDING GRAVEL a lot more...

    Last year DeAnn said to Kurt on a gravel ride, “All I really want to do for the next few years is ride as much gravel as possible”.  Well, it got interesting fast.  In December we closed on 10 acres of land near Cable, WI and are working on creating a place where we will spend much more time doing just that.

    We knew when we took this picture last year that we had fallen deeply in love with this place, we had no idea this place would be our next äventyr.

    We look forward to building more community here, and sharing more äventyr's!

    And, we also have a full personal event calendar this year where Kurt will be participating in a number of gravel biking events.  Check it out, and let us know if you will be there and want to meet up!

    äventyr bicycle bags writes good newsletter and blog posts

    DeAnn will be WRITING a lot more...

    Many people have told me over the years “you are such a good writer”, which I am honored to be told. I have really grown to see my writing as a craft, much like making your äventyr bag.

    Your comments and encouragement about my writing have given me focus and momentum to keep going.  It has been my belief that if even one person finds my writing interesting, useful, inspiring ~ it is all worth it.

    I started thinking all this writing would lead to something good a couple of years ago, and it did (a paying job where I write copy and content). I hope to have much more time in 2022, and beyond, for it.  And I think the work I do on my writing will lead to roads I have yet to know I can go down...

    I have a lot of things I have wanted to write about for the last two years, I am excited to finally take the time to craft some things that have been in my head into written documents to share with you.

    We hope you will subscribe to our newsletter for our latest Scouting Notes and updates (you can subscribe at the bottom of this page).

    Additional focus...

    Additional areas I want to focus on this year are:

    1. Artist/Maker Website Contract Work.  I have gained an in-depth knowledge of creating a successful online storefront, both from creating the äventyr website and building the American Swedish Institute Online Store from the ground up and managing it.  I would love to help others do the same.  I see SO many people missing out on opportunities because they have poorly built websites with poor visuals.  Don't be that person!  If you are an artist or maker, please reach out to me and we can discuss how I can help!
    2. Creating New Product Video Content.  I plan to take a significant amount of time to make more video content of our products for you.  I want our video's to feel like we are together at a market, we can spend some one-on-one time discussing the features of the bag and how they can help you on your äventyr.
    3. Wardrobe and accessories upgrade.  This is not specifically äventyr related, but it will further enhance my craft of sewing.  I am working on creating a new wardrobe that I have sewn that reflects more of my style and personality.  I am using a lot of my bag sewing time focused on this endeavor.  I will also be designing some bags for myself that may make it over to the äventyr product line ~ tbd.

    äventyr bicycle bags at Mill City Farmers Market

    äventyr bicycle bags at Julmarknad at American Swedish Institute

    Not being at markets this year will definitely be a challenge for a small business like ours. 

    Places like Mill City Farmers Market and Julmarknad feel like home to äventyr (vs. a bike shop or retail store).

    We will definitely feel the financial impact of this decision in 2022. 

    For those of you who have an äventyr, we hope you like your bag and will continue to be an ambassador for what we are doing.  For those of you who do not yet have an äventyr, we hope that this year will be the year you decide to make your investment.  

    We say it all the time ~ but without you there is no äventyr.  We especially mean that this year.  

    All this said, please remember:

    äventyr is not closing.

    Although we will not physically be ‘out there’, we will still be ‘out here’.

     äventyr bicycle bags website

    Our online store is definitely OPEN FOR BUSINESS

    And remember, you can always contact DeAnn with questions, feedback, or for a local delivery if you are in the Minneapolis area.  And if you want to see a bag in-person before making a decision, let’s meet up!  Reach out, we are here for your äventyr.  

    Team äventyr bicycle bags 

    Tack så mycket for being part of the äventyr community!  We hope to connect with you virtually, or in person in 2022.  ~ DeAnn & Kurt

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