Direct to Family:  Hand Deliveries and Community

Direct to Family: Hand Deliveries and Community

äventyr bicycle bags The Social Pannier Musette in Cobalt, perfect for your fika dates

When we started äventyr one of the first things we put on the website was “we believe in the power of a fika”.  We now amend that to “We believe in the power of hand delivering an äventyr bag, accompanied by a fika”.

äventyr Bicycle Bags at Mill City Farmers Market

Ever since we started äventyr, it has been important for Kurt and I to find a way to meet our customers in-person.  The puzzle for us has been the best way to do this and ~ not have a retail presence, and not be at a market every weekend. So this year we chose to participate in select events that aligned well with our brand and our beliefs.  This strategy was a success for us, and there was a bonus...

äventyr bicycle bags hand delivers to our family in Minneapolis

Hand-delivering our product and interfacing with our customers one-on-one.  Building a community; this has been what it is about for us from the beginning.

äventyr customer Genevieve with The Essential Handlebar Bicycle Bag in Cobalt

You have a wonderful product and you can tell how much time and passion you have put into it... it is a birthday present for my wife...  ~Genevieve.

[editors note:  Genevieve inspired our Cobalt addition to our first Essential batch.  She also inspires us because not only did she purchase The Essential for her wife Andrea, but she had Andreas's bike spiffed up to go along with it for what we think is the perfect gift!  Genevieve reached out to us after meeting us at Midsommar and asked if we made custom.  We do not, but since we were in the middle of a small batch, it was possible to add in Cobalt to the Essential Batch One.]

We have been hand delivering äventyr bags both across the table at events, and even more fun, meeting our customers at locations around town this Summer after they reached out to us about their purchase.  We wish we could hand deliver to everyone!

hand delivering Seat Rollio's to äventyr bicycle bag family, Rachel and Zach

I want to buy the bags. I actually love them... I'm excited for the rolios! ~Rachel

[Editors note:  Rachel and Zach are GREAT riding friends too!]

When I first started working in product development, there was this new-to-me term, "DTC" (Direct to Consumer).  Not really how we think of things here at äventyr...  "consumer"??!!!  No, we think of our customers as not just people, but family.  So we are coining a new term: DTF ~ Direct to Family.

äventyr Customer Jill picking up The Essential Bicycle Handlebar Bag on her bicycle commute home

My dear friend Hannah has been talking about your signature bike bag ever since [MidSommar] and her birthday is this coming Thursday, so it seems like the perfect gift. ~Jill

äventyr recipient Hannah with her Birthday Gift:  The Essential Bicycle Handlebar Bag in Nautical Red

Dear Hannah loved her gift!  And it matched her bike perfectly! ~Jill

[Editor's note:  äventyr is much more than product, we advocate for, and live ~ a healthy and active lifestyle.  So we have to say, we LOVE hand delivering product to customer's on their bicycle commute home, and then receiving kind words and fun pictures about how much the recepient liked their gift!]

One of my favorite parts of both my careers (museums and manufacturing) has always been getting to know the people I am working with, and their stories.  What has always made my days at work more interesting, is not just doing a task - but understanding who I am doing it for and with and why they do what they do, at work, and outside of work.  I believe all of our journey’s are evolving, and everyone has a story for how they got where they are ~ and most often they have a vision of where they would like to go next. Our stories are relatable, because we are all living a life - what you find out when you talk to someone is, we are all human.

äventyr Customer Alix with The Essential Bicycle Handlebar Bag and The Seat Rollio Bicycle underseat bag

I am going to buy two bags! And...I did buy a handlebar bag and a seat roll... I'm so excited for everything you've got going on! It's been fun to see all the work you've been doing. ~Alix

äventyr Customer Holly with her Essential Bicycle Handlebar Bag in Cobalt

The best bike bag ever took a field trip to Wild Mind Brewery today!  ~Holly
[Editor's note:  Alix and Holly never fail to impress us.  Among many things they impress us with are... Alix recently "Everested" and Holly has been sewing much of her wardrobe and an Everesting Feedbag for Alix this Summer!  I met up with Alix over a fika to hand deliver their bags, talk about her upcoming Everest Challenge (it was less than 48 hours away at the time!), women in business, women in fitness, and SO much more.]

Yes, it has been great to sell products, because after all we have to pay the bills for äventyr to work long-term.  But just as rewarding, is meeting our customers (present and future) and hearing their stories.

äventyr Customer Henry with his Side Hustle Bicycle Laptop Pannier Bag in Briquette at the Walker Sculpture Garden

My friend John let me try his bag...and it is really nice!  I am interested in getting one for myself!

I've used the bag also just to carry a big handbag...I love how easy it is to take on and off the bike.  ~Henry

[Editor's Note:  Henry DM'd us on Instagram to initiate his purchase.  We met up for a fika (actually Hibiscus tea) at Esker Grove and had THE BEST conversation about biking, supporting small family owned businesses, and!  I wish I had recorded our conversation, because Henry was spot on in everything he said about why we make our bags ~ he GETS it!]

äventyr Customer Mark picking up The Essential Bicycle Handlebar Bag in Cobalt on his lunchtime run at The Guthrie

I was hoping to purchase the essential bag for my wife for her birthday...  My good friend Jill has purchased from you before and cued me into my wife’s interest in your product! ~Mark

äventyr Recipient Jessie with her Essential Bicycle Handlebar Bag in Olive

äventyr family Jessie with her Essential Bicycle Handlebar Bag in Olive

Jessie absolutely loves the new bag! Here are some pictures of her using it to ride from our house to St Bonifacius for breakfast on Sunday, and then to Big Stone mini golf and sculpture garden! ~Mark

[Editor's note:  Again, we fully support people with healthy lifestyles ~ so much fun to hand deliver to Mark in the middle of his lunch hour run!  Like me, Mark works in Product Development, but on a much larger scale (like I used to).  I SO appreciated the kind words Mark shared about our product, and also his enthusiasm to support a small business like ours.]

It has been my great honor this Summer to make a number of hand-deliveries, both over the table at an event, but also ~ meeting up with people on their commutes home, their lunch-time runs, after work at the local co-op, for a sip of tea, a spot of coffee, or a pint. 

äventyr family John with his Social Bicycle Pannier Bag gift for his friend Sarah

I would like to buy a bag for Sarah for her birthday... went really well! Sarah really liked it and I nailed the color choice. We were on our way back from a party thing and I sprung it on her just as she was loading up a different pannier she has with stuff. ~John

äventyr Family:  Sarah with her olive Social Bicycle Pannier Bag

It's been so so great!  I had been wanting something to hold just my essentials that is actually cute and this is really perfect for it!... It's great because I have had back and neck issues so using a pannier this year is helping a lot with that rather than a backpack... Plus I've gotten quite a lot of compliments.  ~Sarah

[Editor's note:  John has been the best official/unofficial ambassador we have had!  More about John in this post.  I always enjoy a fika with John, and I was honored to meet him on his bicycle commute home from work to share a beer and good conversation.]

We consider all of these people part of the äventyr family; and we are excited for our family to grow!  Thank you to everyone for your support, and joining us on the äventyr!

[Editors Note:  We are sorry we could not feature everyone here who has purchased from us this year, because life happens and not all of it is captured on camera.  We love the äventyr family, and would love to share your story!  Please feel free to email us, DM us, or send us old fashioned snail mail about your äventyr!]

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