A Sustainable Lifestyle

A Sustainable Lifestyle

äventyr The Essential Bicycle Handlebar Bag in the äventyr Silverhytten

The air in the North has been getting cool and we have already seen the first snowflakes of the season (far too early).  This is when thoughts for most people turn from Summer bicycle adventures, to surviving Winter.

äventyr Bicycle Bags; a sustainable lifestyle.  The Side Hustle Bicycle Pannier Laptop Bag.

We get it; it is MUCH more enjoyable biking in the Summer than the Winter (for most people). 

äventyr Owners DeAnn & Kurt

Kurt, äventyr owner, winter biking

That is why we are proud of the fact that our bags can be used for more than biking, and stay by our sides even in the dark cold days of winter. 

DeAnn, äventyr Owner, with The Social Bicycle Pannier Bag in Nautical Red

Additionally, our bags are great for traveling to warmer locations for those important winter sanity breaks.

äventyr The Social Bicycle Pannier Musette Bag in Mesa, Arizona

äventyr The Social Bicycle Pannier Musette Bag, Huntington Beach, California

In fact, we say that äventyr handcrafts ‘sustainable’ bags.  But what do we mean by that, and what does it mean for you?

Sustainability has been an important consideration to äventyr since day one.  But the way we think about it is much more than just the materials.

äventyr The Essential Handlebar Bag at We Are Threaded launch event, August 2019

An interesting ramp up in public discourse has been happening lately ~ people are talking about Sustainability more and more.  Everyone from our local friends to Anna Wintour!

Although this is exciting, it most definitely is complicated.

äventyr bicycle bags Design Studio

In regards to sustainability as most people think of it, I have always had the question in my mind as to if I could find ‘better’ fabrics, ‘better’ materials, etc. that would be both better for our product’s longevity, and of course also the planet.  I am constantly keeping my eye out and researching materials, reading articles, going to events and listening to podcasts, and surrounding myself with my peers who thankfully, talk a lot about it ~ like this person [who happens to have made our first two batches for us before we took over production (how lucky are we?!!)].  But most 'good' materials are too expensive right now for äventyr.  So we are thankful that there are companies like this leading the way.  Hopefully what is currently a dream for us, will someday be an affordable reality.

äventyr The Social Bicycle Pannier Bag at Boyce Thompson Arboretum

I have to say, the more I know, the more overwhelmed I become.  It is easy to feel like we are not doing enough, ask ourselves ‘why bother’, to feel bad because the materials we are able to use as a small batch maker are not ‘right’, and to feel discouraged and that we should not call ourselves ‘sustainable’.  But Sustainability is much more than fabric, it is also considering how and where manufacturing is done, long-term and cost-per-wear product usability, establishing a business model that is sustainable (not driven by the consumer economy), and more. 

äventyr bicycle bags for a sustainable lifestyle on and off the bike

The original tenets of what we see as ‘sustainable’ still hold true and strong for äventyr:

  • MICRO BATCH LIMITED RELEASE PRODUCTION.  We purchase only the materials needed for each production run.  We make just enough to ensure our products go to people who want them, not a landfill.
  • äventyr is dedicated to HANDCRAFTED QUALITY.  We consider sewing to be a fine art and believe that the people who make our quality products are truly artisans. 
  • äventyr believes in doing things SLOW while still being FASHIONABLE.  We make non-seasonal products meant to stand the test of time. This means we choose colors that are timeless (not trendy), and that we launch products when we are ready, not as part of an established seasonal release pattern in retail tells us to do so.
  • äventyr practices HONEST SUSTAINABLE PRICING.  The accepted retail practices of continuous discounting, free shipping, and underpricing of products are not honest or sustainable, especially for a small business that plans to stay small.  On occasion we may share discounting and free shipping, but with discretion. We understand our pricing is higher, but we KNOW you understand WHY.
  • äventyr supports RESPECTFUL LIVING WAGES.  We want to enjoy our work and be treated with respect; and we are positive when we need some help, the people we work with want that too.  We build relationships of collaboration and partnership and treat the people we work with respectfully for the long-haul. 

 Kurt, äventyr lifestyle bicycle bags Owner, on the way to Santa Fe

äventyr The Essential Bicycle Handlebar Lifestyle Bag at Ten Thousand Waves in Santa Fe, New Mexico

And maybe most importantly, we make LIFESTYLE bicycle bags.  We have always believed that our bags should be aesthetically pleasing, and functional, whether you are on a bicycle ~ or not.  By handcrafting quality bags that ‘just happen to go on a bicycle’, we are making a product with a more extensive lifespan and a greater cost-per-wear ratio.  As a consumer you are able to make ONE smart purchase and use your bag year-round, whether you are biking or not.  And, you are voting locally with your dollars and supporting, and a part of, a sustainable community. 

äventyr fika with The Social Bicycle Pannier Musette Lifestyle Bag

We ask you to think about using your money to make smart purchases and support people making smart and thoughtful decisions.  By purchasing an äventyr bag you are voting with your dollars and investing in a product that fits into your lifestyle.  

äventyr The Essential Lifestyle Bicycle Bags; The Essential at Minneapolis Institute of Arts

    Kurt, äventyr Owner, with The Social Bicycle Pannier Bag fishing on The Gallatin

    You see…  our thought is, why would you have a ‘bike bag’ and a ‘life bag’?  Why wouldn’t you have a bag that works for your life?

    How is that for ‘sustainable’ thinking?

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