Why I Ride Inside (Zwift) ~ DeAnn

Why I Ride Inside (Zwift) ~ DeAnn

At the heart of äventyr it has always been our mission to inspire, to motivate, to support our community.  To do that, we show ourselves, who we really are, doing REAL things. We have never attempted to be a flashy brand using inauthentic marketing to get you to buy a product we have never used.  

Our goal is to offer a place to start, to help you be the best YOU you can be. 

This is the second post in a series focused on Indoor Cycling where we will each discuss why we ride inside.  Specifically, "Zwifting" during the self-quarantine and social distancing we are learning to cope with during the Covid-19 pandemic.

[Part 1 from Kurt].

Because we believe in the power of a bicycle, in the City and far, far out of the City... (and in our 'Zwift' Room in our home).

DeAnn, äventyr bicycle bags owner, using Zwift

DeAnn Zwifting

Today is my 49th birthday.  I had initially intended to publish a post I was writing on how I ride inside, which is Spinning.  But with the the Coronavirus shutdowns, I have been trying Zwifting again.  So I thought it would be helpful if you are looking for ways to stay fit at home to walk you through my Zwift Experience.  I NEED to cycle, not only to maintain my physical health and get myself to a better starting point when I start riding outside, BUT...  I need to cycle to maintain my mental health.  That is why you will often find both Kurt and I talking about the mind-body connection and we have dedicated a section on our blog to that.

DeAnn, äventyr bicycle bag owner, uses Zwift

This is my avatar simulating my actual ride.

I get so many questions, particularly from women, about Zwift ~ so I thought now was a great time to talk about my Zwift experience.  It is definitely not something to be intimidated by, and can actually be fun AND a great workout!

 DeAnn, Owner of äventyr bicycle bags, uses a Wahoo Kickr with Zwift

What is Zwift?  Zwift is a virtual reality app that you connect to a bicycle trainer (in our case a Wahoo Kickr Trainer) that simulates an actual ride/training experience.

 DeAnn, äventyr bicycle bags owner, uses a Wahoo Kickr with her Trek Crockett

DeAnn's Treck Crockett mounted on a Wahoo Kickr (handle removed).

I am lucky that Kurt already had a Kickr trainer that we can both mount our bikes on.  We are the first to admit that these trainer's are expensive, but ours has more than paid for itself in the amount Kurt has used it, and now me. It took us awhile to make the plunge, but I am glad more than ever that we did and it is available for me right now.  [Note that for different bikes you may have to make some adjustments to the trainer: for my Trek Crockett, we had to remove the handle on the Kickr to accomodate my frame]. 

DeAnn, äventyr bicycle bags Owner, and avid Spinner

Doing what I have been doing all winter long since 2012 ~ Spinning.

In 2017, after I left my job, I briefly tried Zwift.  But at the time I decided Spin class was better for me.  I liked the social aspect of attending Spin class and meeting in-person with my community at the gym; particularly important when you work at home alone.  I still do, but... this is a different moment in time.

In 2017 I also did not enjoy the Zwift experience from a visual perspective - it was very 'gamey', dark, often it was raining in the video, and it had this futuristic look/feel.  Completely NOT my thing.  But this time around in 2020, I am so far really enjoying my visual experience.  I can choose different scenery, which for me right now is "Sands and Sequoia's"; I love the desert and California, and this makes me feel like if I can't get there in real life, I can at least be there virtually.

äventyr bicycle bag owner Kurt talking through Zwift with partner DeAnn

Kurt helping me get set up and talking through Zwift before leaving on his fat bike ride.

All this said, I thought the best way to explain Zwift, would be to put together a video showing the basics and walking through my current Zwifting experience.


Hopefully my perspective can inspire you, motivate you, and bring you to a different sort of community during this unprecedented time.  We could all be here for awhile... ~DeAnn (aka D.äventyr on Zwift)

As the COVID-19 story developed, the Zwift Community realized it is built on a platform perfectly positioned for this crisis. It’s an angle many of us had never really considered – but Zwift offers a way for the world to exercise safely at a time when outdoor riding or running may be unwise, discouraged, or even unlawful.

Zwifter Barry Mainwood said it well: Aside from being able to get some good exercise in it’s the last place where all of us from all over the world get to hang out together and socialize. And for that, I’m grateful for Zwift.

*Post-Script:  Not coincidentally, I am not alone in turning to Zwift right now.  Zwift wrote a piece today (from which the quote above is an excerpt) about what they are seeing that is well worth a read!  go here

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