Why I Ride Inside ~ Kurt

Why I Ride Inside ~ Kurt

This is the first in a series of posts we will be doing focused on Kurt's 2020 gravel äventyr.  It is also the first in a set of two posts we will be doing on Indoor Cycling where we will each discuss why we ride inside.

Because we believe in the power of a bicycle, in the City and far, far out of the City...

Why I ride Inside.

Kurt, äventyr bicycle bags owner, rides Zwift

“All pain on the inside, all gain on the outside” ~ I think this was on Zwift’s Instagram once.  It’s true.

Quality over Quantity

I participate in gravel grinders; usually 70-100+ miles long.  I do not have the time to go outside to do repeated rides, I usually have an hour when I get home from work (after a long day and a long commute).  I need quality and I need to build cardio and strength (heart and legs). This means intervals, which means Zwift*.

The other reason I got into ‘Zwifting’ is something Lizzie Deignan said on her Instagram that stuck with me.  “...my first and LAST 5 hour ride of 2018, I presume (hope) that I have some young female cyclists following me, so just offering a different perspective that more hours isn’t always right for everybody!”  That was a key moment for me to confirm that having a Wahoo Trainer and joining the Zwift Community was a good thing.  Lizzie also relies on strength and cardio training inside, to be successful outside. I have found this strategy works for me as well; I have been able to comfortably complete gravel events that are much longer than my longest training ride.

Kurt, äventyr bicycle bags owner, rides Zwift


Being Present

Riding inside has allowed me to be present with my family.  Even though we do not interact a lot when I am on my bike, at least I am in the house.  It means a lot to me that we are all ‘together’, instead of me grabbing my bike as soon as I get home from work and leaving again.  At least we are all together.  Bonus: Solrig sleeps outside my door keeping me company while I am riding, I know he appreciates me being home too.  [DeAnn note: Agreed! As someone who works from home, this time is so nice for me to know Kurt is home, safe, and my work day is done and we are all ‘together’ again].

Kurt, äventyr bicycle bags owner, rides a Trek Farley Fat Bike


Outside as a Bonus

After a focused week, the weekends are when I get to do what I want ~ go outside.  I enjoy my more relaxed rides outside in the winter where I focus more on skills and distance than specific workouts.  I use my Trek Farley for these winter rides.

Kurt on 'the chaise' at Land Run 100 2019 (Mid South Gravel)


I think this training regimen has been pretty successful.  Last year I was able to complete the Land Run 100 (now called Mid South Gravel), having had little opportunity to ride outside or anywhere near 100 miles beforehand.  I look forward to returning next week in better fitness, with my new bike, and seeing what I can do! ~Kurt

Kurt, äventyr Owner, rides Zwift with friends

*[editor’s note:  For those of you who do not know what Zwift is: it is an indoor cycling virtual reality training app.  I use Zwift in combination with a Wahoo trainer (which is a sophisticated indoor smart trainer that I put my bike on and guides me through my ride - it changes gears matching the Zwift ride I have chosen, allowing me to focus on my effort, not my gearing.)  Sometimes during the winter there are days when 12,000+ people are riding with me, like my 'friend' Edvald Boasson Hagen.].

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