custom äventyr Land Run 100 bicycle bags

The Land Run 100 äventyr: The Equipment

Kurt, äventyr Owner and Land Run 100 2019 finisher, on "The Couch"
On Saturday, March 16, 2019,
Kurt completed the Land Run 100,
a 100 mile gravel bike event
in Stillwater, Oklahoma.
Because this event brings together so much of what we (Kurt & DeAnn, äventyr owners) believe makes riding a bicycle special,
we are doing a series of blog posts about our Land Run 100 äventyr.
We started äventyr not only for rides to taprooms, but for days like this.
äventyr ~for the Urban Adventurer.
The first series of posts are from Kurt. 

The Land Run 100 äventyr:  The Equipment

Long before I arrived at Land Run 100, I was making key decisions on equipment that would ensure I have my best ride, and finish.  I definitely owe a thank you to a number of people, including D (DeAnn, my partner in business and life).  Without all these people starting companies because they cared about making quality equipment for cycling, my Land Run 100 would have been less successful, and my experience not as awesome.

custom äventyr Land Run 100 bicycle bags

Custom Land Run 100 äventyr bags ~ The (Oklahoma) Crop Top and The Seat Rollio: 

The Seat Rollio:  During the Land Run 100 The Seat Rollio kept the necessary tools securely in place and tucked away.  The Seat Rollio has been testing great over the winter out on my fat bike, and we are happy to report it tested to high standard over 100+ miles on Oklahoma Red. 

äventyr The Seat Rollio production sample successfully tested at Land Run 100

Testing the äventyr Seat Rollio at the Fat Bike Loppet

I specified some key features on this bag that we know customers will appreciate.  The Seat Rollio used at Land Run was a close to perfect development sample, but not the final bag.  We had specific design changes in mind D did not have time to execute before we left for Oklahoma that we have implemented upon our return to HQ.  The Seat Rollio is now ready to roll and heading into production.  Stay tuned here for limited micro batch release information (sign up for our newsletter to be the first to know!).

custom äventyr (Oklahoma) Crop Top bag for Land Run 100 with custom äventyr Purist Bottle

The (Oklahoma) Crop Top:  This bag was made specifically for me by D for Land Run 100; I owe her a big shout out for this because she worked tirelessly on perfecting it to my standards and requirements before we left for Oklahoma (along with making all my race food ~ more on that later).  I wanted a bag to hold all the extra tubes, Co2 cartridges, and food needed at an event like the Land Run 100, all while looking good on äventyr One (what we are calling the bike I set up and used at Land Run 100).  We came back with some minor upgrades we want to make on The Crop Top after testing it over 100+ miles, but we were super happy with the performance of it!  Going into production on the Crop Top was not in our plans for 2019, but we were so pleased with the performance, if we can fit in in our production schedule we just might release a limited run.  Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter so you are the first to know if we release The (Oklahoma) Crop Top.

Exclusive äventyr Jersey, Sock, and Purist Bottle:  

Kurt, äventyr Owner, at halfway pitstop Land Run 100 2019

Since I am doing a lot of races this year (more on why here), and I am proud of the company we are building, I wanted some quality äventyr gear to show up and ride in. I designed all of these items, with a little help from our Creative Director (D). 

The äventyr Kit, used at Land Run 100

Borah Teamwear:  A big thanks to Borah Teamwear for working with me on executing the jersey and socks!  D and I both grew up in Wisconsin and are big fans of the Driftless region in Southern Wisconsin.  Additionally, we are big believers in quality cycling product, and support working with good people doing good things.  That is why we partnered with a Wisconsin company who is a leader in custom cycling apparel to make our custom äventyr jersey and socks.  

The äventyr Sock, user approved at Land Run 100

Kurt, äventyr owner, refueling at halfway pit stop at Land Run 100

Specialized:  A shout out and thanks to Specialized:  D and I are both fans of Specialized gear, they are doing some great stuff this season.  D worked with Specialized on creating the custom äventyr Purist Bottles I used at Land Run (and D has been using in Spin).  As always, the Purist Bottle performed.  We have also been having fun giving these out to a few lucky people lately.  

Are we selling these items you ask?

The äventyr Sock is available on our website and in the äventyr Etsy shop.

The äventyr Purist Bottle is going up in our shops soon.  (Be sure to follow us on Instagram, and subscribe to our newsletter to be the first to know about our limited release).

The äventyr jersey is not currently for sale, but if you are interested, drop us a line ~ if we get enough interest we would be happy to make up a small run. 

äventyr One fresh off the Oklahoma Red at Land Run 100 2019

Schwalbe Tires:  These tires are fast and durable.  I never flatted and had the shed I needed.

Fi'zi:k Saddles:  For Providing all day comfort.

Kurt, äventyr Owner, at the 29F Land Run 100 Start 2019

Ornot bibs, legwarmers, and vest.  Special call out for the bibs, I have done several long distance gravel events and have never had an issue with my undercarriage.  Excellent, reliable comfort.

Wolf Tooth (another Minneapolis Company!):  Love the Power Track Elliptical chainring and bits of bike bling.

Trek Bikes:  For making my Trek Crockett.  I LOVE this bike, purple and all.

Kurt, äventyr Owner and Land Run 100 finisher, with Solrig and Inge after his Bobby Hug

I did not get across the finish and to my Bobby Hug alone.  Thank you to everyone who helped me get here by making quality gear that held up to one of the ultimate tests, and absolutely best event, in cycling. ~Kurt

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