The Land Run 100 äventyr:  People Part 1

The Land Run 100 äventyr: People Part 1

Kurt, äventyr Owner and Land Run 100 2019 Finisher, on "The Couch"
On Saturday, March 16, 2019 Kurt completed the Land Run 100, a 100 mile gravel bike event in Stillwater, Oklahoma.
Because this event brings together so much of what we (Kurt & DeAnn, äventyr owners) believe makes riding a bicycle special, we are doing a series of blog posts about our Land Run 100 äventyr.
We started äventyr not only for rides to taprooms, but for days like this.
äventyr ~for the Urban Adventurer.
The first series of posts are from Kurt.

The Land Run 100 äventyr: People Part 1 ~ D

Thank you to D (and Inge, and Solrig).
For putting up with my hobby.
For your patience and support during all the training hours.
For traveling with me to events and making them fun.
For telling me to go off into the Land Run 100 crowd to soak up the moment.
For providing healthy nutrition and pitstop support.
For being there when I round a corner and cheering me on.

DeAnn, äventyr owner, with Inge & Solrig hanging out in their Silverhytten waiting to head to the Perkins pitstop at the LR100

(D hanging out with the dogs in the Silverhytten before heading to the halfway pitstop in Perkins, OK to meet me).

DeAnn, äventyr Owner, at Land Run 100 2019 with The Social in Olive

(D as you often see her at cycling events, with The Social on her shoulder, and Inge & Solrig at her side.  This is at the Rider meeting the day before the Land Run 100 2019).
( pictured below:  D, Inge, & Solrig meeting me at the Land Run 100 2019 halfway pitstop in Perkins).

D, Inge, & Solrig waiting for Kurt (from team äventyr) at Land Run 100 Perkins pit stop 2019

Kurt, äventyr Owner being greeted by family at Land Run 100 pitstop in Perkins, OK

Kurt, äventyr Owner, greeted by Team äventyr at Perkins pitstop ~ Land Run 100 2019

Team äventyr after the Land Run 100 2019

(Team äventyr after I came across the Land Run 100 finish line and got my Bobby Hug).

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