The Land Run 100 äventyr:  People Part 2

The Land Run 100 äventyr: People Part 2

Kurt, äventyr Owner and Land Run 100 2019 finisher, on "The Couch"
On Saturday, March 16, 2019,
Kurt completed the Land Run 100,
a 100 mile gravel bike event
in Stillwater, Oklahoma.
Because this event brings together so much of what we (Kurt & DeAnn, äventyr owners) believe makes riding a bicycle special,
we are doing a series of blog posts about our Land Run 100 äventyr.
We started äventyr not only for rides to taprooms, but for days like this.
äventyr ~for the Urban Adventurer.
The first series of posts are from Kurt.

The Land Run 100 äventyr:  People Part 2  ~ The Bike Shop Crew

Kurt, äventyr Owner with äventyr One at Lake McMurtry, OK the day before the Land Run 100 2019
(My first test ride right outside the Silverhytten at Lake McMurtry West Campground).
A big thank you to the Freewheel Bike Roseville team!
In particular I owe a shout out to Cody and Tyson.
A good bike shop team is crucial to success, and this team was definitely part of mine.
They helped me pick out gear and made sure my bike worked perfectly.
Minnesota winters are tough, and this one was no different.  Because of the weather we had this year it was not possible for me to do any test rides before I showed up to Land Run 100.  But because of the Freewheel team, I did not have a single mechanical issue or missed shift.
Thank you Freewheel team for making sure my gear was tip top and reliable - I consider this a significant factor in my finish!
~ Kurt
Cody from Freewheel Roseville
(pictured above:  Cody from Freewheel Roseville helping D get her new Crockett set up for the 2019 Season.  Such a great guy!)
(pictured below:  Me with team äventyr (D taking the picture as always), and my bike "äventyr One", after my Bobby Hug at the finish at the Land Run 100 2019)
Kurt, äventyr Owner, with äventyr Team members Inge & Solrig after the Land Run 100 Finish 2019
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