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äventyr The Social Nautical Red
As a new small business owner there are days where you definitely feel like this.
Alone, in the woods, with a great product no one even knows exists.
No one else is there in the woods with you to see how great your product is, or to listen to you talk about it.
Just you and the echo of your own thoughts.
äventyr The Social at Eloise Butler Wildflower Garden
It is not easy standing in this spot, but when you care about what you are doing, and have a vision for where you want to go, you are willing to keep standing alone until you find someone on your journey who listens and makes what you are up to in your alone time in the woods seem worth it.
Kathryn, Owner of Winsome Goods, sewing The Social
We know äventyr can not change the world, but we do want to try to do some things differently as it relates to manufacturing and the bicycling industry.
In that regard...
I have worked in manufacturing for many years and I know how the world of retail manufacturing works.
Make a lot of something, cost engineer the design down to a shell of itself to get the price down, at the end of the season discount all that excessive product you made at the beginning of the season so you can make new stuff, and start the cycle all over again.
It is not sustainable.
me at previous job - factory visit in China 2012
This practice puts considerable burden on the manufacturer (äventyr), our retail partners, and you the customer. 
If we followed this practice, you may get (a bit) lower prices, but both äventyr and our partners would have to buy materials and completed product to a high minimum order quantity, taking on debt for product we may not be able to sell. 
(And do you know what happens to excessive inventory?  A lot of the times unsold inventory is thrown into a landfill when it does not sell.  You may not see this, but it is happening, and we believe that is wasteful and degrading the planet we live on).
So what do we do?
DeAnn with Kathryn at Winsome Goods during The Social production 2018
We have chosen to make limited runs in the United States,
which we are calling micro-batch production.
This allows us as the manufacturer to only purchase materials we need for production, and for our retail partners to only take on inventory they are comfortable with financially, and that they believe they can sell.
We make what is needed,
when it is time,
not based on seasonal cycles or current trend. 
DeAnn & Kathryn at Winsome Goods after the 2018 The Social Production run is completed!
We want our product to stand the test of time and
only make more when we believe the time is ready,
not because it is time for a new seasonal color so we can discount last season's colors and make new colors to sell more product.
As a smart consumer, we ask you not to wait for us to discount product, that is not our business model.  Our prices are fair and honest. 
That is not to say from time to time we may not offer incentives to our loyal customers, but we ask you not to rely on another unsustainable business model - continual discounting.
working through design solutions with Kathryn @ Winsome Goods
Our manufacturing practice allows us to work with small manufacturing partners that we can visit with in person and work through design solutions together.
This means we are not going to cut out parts of the design that are important to us, because we believe they are important for you as an end user.
äventyr The Social at Angry Catfish
And this means our prices are higher.
We are not participating in an unsustainable system that creates false perceptions on price and hidden waste.
äventyr The Social at The Gallatin, MT 2018
We know,
we are independent small business owners
with a unique vision,
trying to exist in a world of massively big sameness.
But we are giving it a go!
Although I very much enjoy being alone, and very much enjoy nature, I would love for you to join äventyr on this journey. 
Get to know us and our products
Learn about the story behind the bag
I think once you do, you will see we are doing things a bit differently,
and this is good for all of us.
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