äventyr life (A note from DeAnn & Kurt)

äventyr life (A note from DeAnn & Kurt)

DeAnn and Inge in the äventyr bicycle bag design studio DeAnn and Solrig in the äventyr bicycle bag design studio

Two weeks ago everything stopped in the äventyr studio, and in our lives.  In the moments that followed, it became crystal clear that every äventyr we have ever had has absolutely been worth it.  

äventyr One and äventyr Two out for a gravel ride in The Driftless

We have been fully educated in what we have always believed, life builds up.  Life matters - all the moments. How you take care of yourself, the trips you take, the experiences you have, the life you live.  Medicine can only do so much. Doctors can only do so much. But YOU, you can do SO MUCH; you can listen to your body, advocate for yourself, educate yourself, decide which people are the best to help you, and most importantly ~ take care of yourself holistically, long before you get to a moment of crisis.

What we know, and what we believe more than ever, is that äventyr is not about selling bags.

Kurt and I believe intensely that äventyr is here to help you focus on the things that matter.  And that taking care of yourself is THE most important thing you can do ~ when the roads are smooth, and the roads are bumpy, and long before you even get to the road.  

äventyr bicycle bag The Social Musette Pannier

What matters are the moments on your bicycle when you look over to the person next to you with the wind blowing on your face feeling completely content, and completely alive.  Those moments shared over a fika creating life moments existing fully in the now. So many moments, that add up to your life.

So as we head into a holiday weekend, do us a favor.

Go for a bike ride, go for a hike, go camping, take your dog for a walk, sit near a beach or on a sunny patio ~ and do it with the people you care about.  Live life.

Your life is now.  This is your life.

Over the next few weeks as we continue to work through adjusting to health changes in our family, we will be focused on getting back to ‘normal’.  A new normal, but a normal which for us hopefully will continue to include all-the-bicycling, camping, and some new adventures we hope to share with you.

äventyr The Essential bicycle handlebar bag in Olive

As for äventyr bags, with the completion of The Essential batch (finally!!!) we will now be moving into making some personal bags [for sure my own actual Essential (instead of carrying around my almost-there prototype), which I have had on my list all Summer!  And also a new bag to carry all the health-related things that need to now be carried]. We will also be looking at any redesign we want to work on on existing bags, as well as discussing and tossing around designs for a bag or two we have had in mind that may, or may not come to fruition.

äventyr bicycle bags at Midsommar at The American Swedish Institute 2019 äventyr bicycle bags at Mill City Farmers Market Bike to Market Day 2019

We have made the formal decision to no longer stock bags at our last partnership store and focus on continuing to get out and meet you in late 2019, and in 2020.  Please subscribe to our mailing list for updates and news about where we will be next.

team äventyr in The Black Hills

Thank you to everyone for supporting äventyr this Summer!  WHAT a Summer it has been!

P.S. Stayed tuned for our next post celebrating some very special people who are now part of the äventyr family!

tack så mycket!  ~ DeAnn & Kurt

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