Bicycle Travel

Bicycle Travel

äventyr off-the-grid camp

Camp äventyr.  Cook County Wyoming, 2019.

At äventyr we like to say "life is not a vacation, but we sure try to make everyday feel as much like one as we can." Our goal with äventyr is for Urban Dweller's to seek out adventure that elevates their everyday. So we make bicycle bags to help you enjoy the äventyr ~ in the city or far, far out of the city.

We live the talk and enjoy our urban adventures, but it is especially important to us to get away in our Silverhytten spending time together off-the-grid whenever possible.  

One of our goals with äventyr is to share our experiences not as personal aggrandizement, but to hopefully inspire, educate, and remove barriers. Having just returned from an off-the-grid äventyr to the Black Hills National Forest in Wyoming and South Dakota, we wanted to do just that.  So we will be sharing a few posts from our travels. 

First up:  Bicycle Travel...

DeAnn, äventyr Owner, biking in Stockholm 2008

Me in Stockholm, 2008.

Kurt, äventyr Owner, biking in Toronto 2013

Kurt in Toronto, 2013.

Although we have always been cyclists, and we have been Urban bicycle tourists before, we have never brought our bicycles on vacation.  Until last year, at the age of 47.  And wow, have we been missing out!

DeAnn & Kurt, äventyr Owners, biking in Theodore Roosevelt National Park 2018

Me & Kurt on a road ride in Theodore Roosevelt National Park, 2018.  Our first National Park ride!

DeAnn, äventyr Owner, biking in Door County

Me riding in the rain on my road bicycle, Door County, WI 2018

 Kurt, äventyr Owner, biking in Door County, WI

Kurt soaking up some September Sun on a road ride in Door County, 2018.

Certainly, bringing bicycles along on vacation brings with it an added layer of packing and complication, but it is 100% worth it!

DeAnn & Kurt's (äventyr Owner's) trek Crockett's in The Badlands, 2019

Our Trek Crockett's in The Badlands with our custom äventyr Purist Bottles in the cages and our next bag (The Essential) on my handlebar, 2019.  

Case in point, I was not in the best shape going into this climb in the Badlands on our first day of vacation, so I had to walk it - but so what!  It was...  100% worth it for this view!

Bringing our bicycles along on vacation and getting up early to ride, we have been treated to find great roads with little to no traffic.  Plus it has been such a better way to see the beautiful scenery we came to see.  What makes it even better than having the roads to ourselves, is that the road conditions we have been biking on have been OUTSTANDING (if you ride a lot in Minneapolis like we do, maybe you can understand our elation).

DeAnn & Kurt (äventyr Owners) on gravel ride in Cook, County Wyoming 2019

Me & Kurt on a gravel ride in Cook, County Wyoming 2019.  [I will be talking a bit more about the gravel riding we did in an upcoming post].

This quiet hour together alone on these roads we have found to be the absolute best way to be a tourist, finally get some much needed one-on-one time, and make powerful lasting memories. 

And you know what made this ride just a BIT more fun?  Using our own gear on our bicycles and testing out our new bag launching in July!

We hope you enjoy this video I put together of our ride through the Badlands.  ~DeAnn

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