Bike Date Scouting Notes:  Fair State Brewing

Bike Date Scouting Notes: Fair State Brewing

äventyr started because of our bicycle dates (story here).  Our plans for 2020 were to go on as many bicycle dates as we could, traveling within a 5 mile radius from HQ to our favorite small independently owned local businesses ~ dining inside, having a drink on a patio, sharing a fika, reconnecting over a relaxing happy hour, spending time out in our community.  For all of us 2020 now looks very different than we had planned, but this is still our life, and we need to make the most of our now ~ so onward we roll.  ~DeAnn & Kurt

Bike Date Scouting Notes:  Fair State Brewing

äventyr bicycle bags owners DeAnn and Kurt on a bike date to Fair State Brewing

We have been coming to Fair State Brewing for years (they opened in 2014).  For our money it is some of the best beer in this town (no matter how weird the ingredients may sound, they always pull it off!).  We come here for the beer, but also to support people doing good things in our community.

These are notes from our first bike date of 2020:

Date of Bicycle Date:  April 26, 2020

  • Distance (one-way):  1.5 miles
  • Travel time (one-way):  10 minutes
  • Bike racks?:  Yes, there are bike racks right in front of Fair State.
  • Bags used:  The Social musette pannier bag (DeAnn), The Side Hustle pannier bag (Kurt).
  • Always Packed in our bags:  Bike locks, tire pump, multi-tool, spare tubes, tire levers, bike lock/house keys attached to our bag lanyards, wallet.  And after reaching destination ~ beer.
  • Rear racks used:  Planet Bike (DeAnn), Delta PostHaste Rack (Kurt).
  • Bikes used:  Our City Bikes.  Trek Lexa (DeAnn), old Specialized road race bike turned into city bike (Kurt).

äventyr bicycle bags Side Hustle pannier bag

Route Notes:

Northeast Minneapolis has an abundance of bicycle boulevards and bike lanes.  But most back roads in NE are a pleasant journey for us from HQ to our local destinations. 

Central Avenue does have bike lanes, but we do not like to ride on Central.  Once we arrive near our destination on Central, we walk our bikes on the sidewalk to our final destination.

    äventyr bicycle bags supports Fair State Brewing

    Beer purchased:

    äventyr bicycle bags supports Fair State Brewing

    Covid-19 Notes:

    • Order your beer before you go so it is ready for pick up when you arrive.  Fair State will not take cash or payment when you arrive, everything has to be prepaid.  Order here.
    • Bring a mask and wear it as a courtesy to the people working at Fair State.

    äventyr bicycle bags supports Aki's Bread Haus


    If you want a pretzel to go with your beer(s), one of our favorite bakeries in town is right next door.  Aki's Bread Haus.  You can also call ahead to Aki's for your order.  They have curbside pick-up, or you can go inside (which is set up for social distancing).  Either way ~ you will need to pay when you arrive (which is touch-free).

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