Creative Space:  Designing YOUR Life

Creative Space: Designing YOUR Life

DeAnn with The Social at Winsome Goods
Creative Space
Literally and Figuratively.
DeAnn with production Social bags at Winsome Goods
Over the last year
I have learned that you have the right
to become who you may not have let yourself think of being,
and who other people may never define you as being possible to be.
Convincing yourself you are a new you
takes a lot of effort,
and steering yourself in the 'right' direction
is not easy.
But when you feel it in your gut,
when you know where you are at no longer fits,
and you start to remember some pieces of who you once were
but never let yourself become,
it's time.
DeAnn at Winsome Goods ~ early product development of The Social
I have learned that you can indeed design your life.
I now call myself a Designer + Creative Director at äventyr,
and most importantly,
I believe it.
äventyr production prep at Winsome Goods
The Studio space shown in these photographs
is Winsome Goods.
This is where I have spent a lot of time in the last year,
and this is where our 2018 launch collections are made.
We made The Social here,
and since then we have been developing our next bag
which will be launching soon
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The Winsome Goods Studios will always be special not only to me, but to äventyr.
For I have learned that it is in spaces like these
that you can not only build a brand,
but yourself.
DeAnn äventyr Designer + Creative Director with The Social at The Walker Art Center
When you purchase an äventyr bag,
and when you use your äventyr bag,
our hope is you will take the initiative to
reach out and socialize,
not only to build your brand,
but also yourself.
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