Nature + äventyr

äventyr Silverhytten on the road again
As adults, we have been fortunate to have always lived in
cities that are close to nature (Denver, San Francisco, Minneapolis).
And even though Minneapolis has a great park system (ranked #1 in the nation), sometimes we need an extended break outside the city limits to rebuild, recenter, reinvigorate.
Don’t get us wrong, we love being urbanites, that’s why we make bags for the urban adventure.
But, time in deep nature is central to who we are.
äventyr resting at the Silverhytten after the Trek CX Cup
The äventyr team has just returned to The City after spening the second half of September traveling The North in our Silverhytten .  Off-the-grid. No signal. Two humans, two dogs, two bikes, two books. Lots and lots of trees and quiet.
äventyr Silverhytten and our relaxation devices 
We are looking forward to sharing our September äventyr with you!
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äventyr Silverhytten and The Social
At its core, this is why we made our first bag, The Social.
To ask you to disconnect with the devices in your life and reconnect with yourself and the humans around you.  
Time in nature helps you to visualize how to reconnect when you are back in the city.
The Social was designed to make getting outside and riding to connect easy, and be inspired on the way to your destination.
Kurt, Cofounder of äventyr, out on a Sunday Bike Date in The City
Take yesterday.
We landed back in the city after two weeks of traveling.
We were tired, the air had a distinct chill, and it was time for a fika.
It was easy for us to say ‘let’s take the car’, but just as easy for us to grab our äventyr bags and roll ~ which is what we did.  
And the best part about it?
Being back in the city, rolling together, riding past the folks decorating their house for Halloween,
but also still  being near the trees, feeling like we were part of nature instead of letting ourselves live in indoor bubbles (the house, to the car, to the coffee shop, to the car, to the house),
the sun in our faces,
and chatting with our neighbor who was out in his garden when we got home.
We felt alive, peaceful, content.
Time well spent.
äventyr at Peninsula State Park, WI
Nature inspires.
We hope äventyr does too.
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