äventyr The Social in Cobalt Blue at Minneapolis Sculpture Garden

Define Yourself. Don't be Defined.

DeAnn, Owner + Creative Director at äventyr with The Social in Cobalt
I have always been a cyclist,
but I have not always defined myself as one.
Maybe you feel the same way?
Well, I am here to tell you,
that is OKAY.
Two years ago today I left my job consciously deciding
that instead of being defined,
I was going to define me.
Just as äventyr believes there is no single definition of you, or me,
we believe there should be no single definition of who you are as a cyclist.
We are multi-dimensional as people,
and we can also be multi-dimensional as cyclists
There is something about biking, it becomes a definer of who many people are.
That in itself is fine, I left my job after-all to define myself as the cyclist I was.
But unfortunately, too many people have let cycling become a narrow definition of a very few people.
Commuter.  Racer.  Activist.
And that bums me out.
Preconceived notions of cyclists prevent people from simply riding their bikes,
from simply being themselves.
And that is really what äventyr is here for,
to help you be the person you are,
by providing you with ways to help You be You on your bicycle too.
That said, I wanted to start the year off by sharing
my many dimensions as a cyclist.
Not to make you feel you need to use these definitions,
but to hopefully dispel some beliefs, provide inspiration, maybe make you feel validated and/or motivated.
I want to show you that buying an äventyr bag does not mean you have to only be a certain type of cyclist.
You can still be YOU.
DeAnn, äventyr Owner, with The Social in Cobalt
It is through my cycling that
I am who I am,
and I have evolved as a person.
I have learned the value and benefits of a dedicated physical and mental practice that flows into everything I do.
And it has enabled me to find my way into being a small business owner, leading a company that allows me to use the most awesome pannier bags on the market that I take on bike dates and to business meetings, while just...
being me.
I am...
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Riding 1500 Miles in Lycra 2018!Riding 4 days a week in Spin Class for my Mind and Body
A Road Rider/A Spinner/A Spinning Instructor
I have grown to believe strongly in the Mind and Body Connection that comes from riding a bike.  Therefore I ride a road bike religiously in the Summer, attend Spin classes religiously in the Winter, and became a Certified Spinning Instructor.
DeAnn, äventyr Owner, out on a road ride.DeAnn, äventyr Owner, on her way to a board meeting via Open Streets.
An Urban Cyclist.
I have lived in Des Moines, Denver, San Francisco, and Minneapolis,
and I have ridden bike in these urban environments my entire adult life.
I am a strong believer in taking time in your everyday to elevate the ordinary, and I do a lot of that on a bicycle.
First gravel ride, 2018.
A Gravel Rider
Last Summer I went on a gravel ride, I now have a gravel bike, and we have plans to do a fair amount of gravel riding going forward.
For me, gravel riding has become a natural extension of who I want to be as a person.  A way to push myself as a cyclist, spend time out of my urban environment and in nature, and a way to spend time with my family in our Silverhytten.
DeAnn, owner of äventyr with The Social Final Prototype Poolside in AZDeAnn & Kurt, äventyr Owners, Theodore Roosevelt National Park, NDDeAnn, äventyr Owner, out riding in the rain in Door County, WI
A Cyclist who Bicycles on Vacation
Most recently:  Arizona, North Dakota, and Door County.
DeAnn, Owner of äventyr spectating at Trek CX Cup 2018
A Spectator
I love watching bicycle racing on tv and being at races.
I particularly love watching women's races, it inspires me and leaves me in awe at the power of the mind and body one can use to pursue sport at a high level.
Plus, going to races is fun, you get to commune with like-minded cyclists, be outside, and be motivated by cyclists taking themselves to their highest potential.
DeAnn, Owner + Creative Director, äventyr
A Female Entrepreneur
This could be another post, so much to say...
Although Kurt and I are equal owners in äventyr, we are a women led business out of the sheer fact that I left my job to start us down our business path and am doing most of the on-the-ground work.
(p.s. blogging is not new to me, I had a bicycling focused blog for 6 1/2 years:  http://myhyggelig.blogspot.com)
DeAnn and Kurt, Owners of äventyr out on a 'lycra' rideDeAnn & Kurt, Owners of äventyr, out on a bike date to the Guthrie TheaterDeAnn & Kurt, Owners of äventyr, out on a bike date/product test rideDeAnn & Kurt, Owners of äventyr, Minneapolis Institute of Art Bike Night 2018.  Out meeting people talking about cycling!DeAnn & Kurt, Owners of äventyr, spending their 23rd anniversary at Trek CX Cup, Trek HQ
A Best Friend, A Wife, A Cycling Buddy
For me, and for Kurt, äventyr is about so much more than bicycle bags.
äventyr is a way of life.
äventyr photoshoot at Walker Art Center 2018
You do not have to define yourself by being like us,
but we do hope that perhaps...
you will find that investing in one of our bags can be the impetus
for finally being able to define you,
on or off a bicycle.
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