Fashion Revolution Week 2020: äventyr and the Sustainability Conversation

Fashion Revolution Week 2020: äventyr and the Sustainability Conversation

Sitting down and writing right now, during the Covid-19 pandemic, is harder than normal.  My ability to think deeply, keep a consistent train of thought going, and being able to enjoy the benefits writing brings to solitude, seem elusive.  This is the first time I have written a blog post since mid-March.  Because I believe continuing on, always, is the only option ~ I have turned on some of the most beautiful music I have heard during this pandemic, and I will start to write…

äventyr bicycle bags Owner + Creative Director DeAnn with The Social Musette Pannier Bicycle Bag

This week is Fashion Revolution Week.  We kicked off the week on Saturday, April 18th by participating in our first ever virtual event, Shaping Fashion.  It seems appropriate at this time to address something that has been talked about with ever increasing importance, before the pandemic ~ and that has now heightened conversations during the pandemic ~ sustainability, and what that means for us.

I talk about what sustainability means to äventyr in the studio tour I made for Shaping Fashion's Studio Tourswhich is also now available on our IGTV Channel (our first one), and on our YouTube ChannelIn summary, it is complicated; we are doing the best we can as a very small company.  There are a lot of ideals and aspirations we have for our future, but for now offering fair pricing, while trying to establish ourselves to get to a point of break-even, let alone profitability to eventually pay myself a salary, have to keep the balance in check.  What this means is that sustainability will be an ongoing evolution for our company as we are able to afford better options, and also as the world begins to introduce more affordable materials that we can afford.  For now, one of the best things we can continue to do is educate ourselves, stay informed, and do what we can in the moment.

äventyr bicycle bags Owner + Creative Director, DeAnn "I Made Your Bag"

If you want to read some of my previous writing on this topic, I would suggest clicking over to our page “Ethically & Sustainably Handcrafted” where we have a synopsis of what this means to us, with additional links at the bottom on posts I have written on this topic.

äventyr bicycle bags Owner + Creative Director DeAnn with The Social Musette Pannier Bicycle Bag

Today I listened to what has been one of the most inspiring podcasts in regard to the topic of ethics and sustainability I have listened to ~ Well Made Episode 116.  Inspiring because I am glad someone is working so hard to lead the way (not an inexpensive endeavor), and inspiring because they understand what it’s like for a small entrepreneurial business in the conversation of sustainability.  I leave you with a quote from this podcast from the founder of Another Tomorrow, Vanessa Barboni Hallik (a woman I can relate to ~ she grew up in the "Midwest", her earlier career allowed her to travel extensively and see the world, and now all her skills are coming together in a company you can tell from how she talks ~ she believes whole heartedly in).

“ thing that frustrates me a bit with the sustainability space is that sort of sense of perfectionism…  It’s messy…  and the choices are messy and they’re hard, and they need to be financially viable for the people who are doing better to stay in business…  encouraging all of us to have the uncomfortable conversations is really critically important…  You have to celebrate the wins.”

Thanks for being here on this journey with us.  Please know, we are doing the best we can.  ~DeAnn, Owner + Creative Director

Note:  You can also follow our pinboard called 'hejSUSTAIN' where I like to add things related to the sustainability conversation.

Addendum:  I never set out to be part of a fashion community, a fashion brand, nor did I see myself participating in fashion-related events.  This happened naturally and organically because of our foundational beliefs for äventyr, and the amazing community of women small business owners who have welcomed us with open arms.  Not only are we proud to be part of the cycling community, but we are immensely proud to be part of the forward-thinking community of sustainable fashion (thank you all ~ you know who you are). ~DeAnn

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