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fickor for your fika (i.e. let's talk pockets)

getting social with äventyr The Social
When you go out for a fika (Swedish for 'coffee break')
The last thing you should be doing is concentrating on
where things are in your bicycle bag.
What you should be concentrating on is
getting social
~drinking some good coffee,
hanging out with friends,
and being relaxed.
not user-friendly pannier
This mess pictured above is EXACTLY why
I started äventyr.
What is missing in this picture?!
fikor (Swedish for 'pockets').
When I would arrive on my bicycle to
get social,
as you can imagine,
I would get frustrated and flustered.
I could not find what I needed
and getting set to leave my bike took me 'forever'.
This mess basically made riding my bike somewhere an inconvenience.
äventyr The Social Cobalt
Not anymore.
Now that I have
äventyr The Social Cobalt pockets
This is the exact bag I wanted
(because I designed it).
Now, I rarely think about having to pack my bag before I roll out
(it's already packed),
or what happens when I get 'there' (I know where everything is).
äventyr The Social good times
I simply put the bag on my bike,
focus on the ride,
and hop off my bike quickly finding what I need
and most importantly
Getting Social.
äventyr The Social
And of course,
no one should keep a good thing to themselves,
that's why we want YOU
Find your perfect Social,
visit our website or
stop by and chat with one of our retail partners.
Life is short,
make the most of
your fika with fikor!