fläshbäck:  Everyday Color Theory

fläshbäck: Everyday Color Theory

äventyr London 2003
(DeAnn at Trafalgar Square 2003)
 We all need bright spots in our days.
That spark of fun, that special something that enhances your everyday. 
Perhaps that one part of your daily uniform that adds a little something special, that lifts your mood, and becomes a differentiator - something that is uniquely you.
At äventyr we believe that can be one of our bags, and that can include color.
äventyr at Notre-Dame de Paris 2005
(At Notre-Dame de Paris in 2005 with my special someone.  Look at those blue eyes!)
We all have that special someone in our lives
that pushes us to be our best self.
Someone who pushes us out of our comfort zone to grow, 
who encourages us to try something different,
who gives us that gentle nudge of encouragement.
This guy here is mine.
äventyr at British Museum London 2003
(in action at The British Museum, London 2003)
Those nudges can create defining moments that
add dimension to who we are.
For me,
a blue raincoat
is one of those nudges that became a defining moment.
SFMOMA Glamour Exhibition Opening 2004
(Me in my usual black at an SFMOMA opening 2004)
I was working in San Francisco at the time of
my blue coat moment.
Walking in the city a lot, riding buses, moving through an urban environment on a daily basis and dealing with the urban grit that tends to favor wearing
practical black.
But, in San Francisco it rains in the winter, a lot.
I needed a new raincoat.
This simple need
created a moment for a nudge,
a moment to push myself out of my comfort zone.
"Why don't you get the blue coat, you always wear black; the blue looks SO great on you!"
I retorted with all the excuses I could think of,
and then,
I bought the blue coat.
äventyr at Tate Modern London 2003
(In front of one of my favorite places in the world, Tate Modern, London 2003)
And I never looked back.
I wore this blue raincoat in some of the best cities of the world.
I grew into my own skin, or in this case outer shell, in this coat.
This bright spot of color in my everday was not only about enhancing something utilitarian, it created an aura of positivity around me, it prompted complete strangers to come up and compliment me, it created enhanced experiences in my everyday I am sure I would not have had with a black coat.
äventyr The Social at The Gallatin River 2018
(äventyr The Social Olive and DeAnn at The Gallatin River, 2018).
I still wear mostly black,
even in environments I find myself in more frequently today - nature.
I am still a city dweller,
but I definitely like adding special color accents to my days,
like our äventyr bags.
I still get compliments when I am out and about,
but those compliments are no longer for the blue coat,
they are for the bags I designed.
And these moments are still definitive.
Yes, this is a bicycle pannier bag, a utilitarian object for your every day,
But it is also
an äventyr.


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