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Get Social!

äventyr team Green Bay
You will often hear us say
"Get Social!"
This play on words is central to the foundation of äventyr.
äventyr The Social with Cherry Trees, Door County, WI
Well, of course we have to sell product ~ so we are saying "Get Social" to literally tell you to buy our bag:  The Social.
"The Social is a handbag sized bicycle pannier bag that clips to your bike rack. This bag was specifically designed to help you disconnect from technology and connect with humans. Grab The Social, hop on your bike, and meet up with friends at a local coffee shop, taproom, restaurant, museum, you get it..."
äventyr bike dates are behind The Social
But additionally,
the reason we started äventyr is because,
as Gen X'ers,
we were finding it increasingly important to disconnect from technology and actually sit down together and Get Social.
You see, we did not grow up with smart phones in our hands (yes it's true!).
And we know how great it is to run free outside, explore, have adventures, and engage with our surroundings (people, nature, furry friends, etc.).
We missed life like that.
And not only did we miss it, we believe fundamentally in the importance of living life outside of a screen, not just for us, but for everyone.
And as cyclists,
we are concerned about the number of people we see on a daily basis driving in their cars while being on their phones.
äventyr Lover's Ride
On our weekly lover's ride last week,
Kurt and I rode through a city park, with a divided pedestrian/cycling path,
and had to ride through what we can only say is the equivalent of
the Zombie Apocalypse.
There were 300-500 people walking all over the path staring only at their phones.
We believe these people were playing what we can only imagine is one of the most addictive video games since we played Pac Man when we were kids.
The difference is:
we only played Pac Man for literally a few minutes - INSIDE,
and then we went outside
and played with our friends, enjoyed nature, formed ourselves as humans.
These people were not only completely disconnected from their surrounding environment, they were oblivious to most of humanity,
and most disturbing, they were also driving in their cars playing the game on their phones.
äventyr The Social at Green Bay
So you see,
we feel that The Social is even more timely now than when we decided to make it.
Now more than ever we believe that digital detox is important,
and that connecting with humanity and nature is vital.
And we have to give kudos for some important companies spreading this message bigger and wider than we ever could:
Thank you
äventyr The Social at Green Bay
We know a small bicycle pannier bag is not going to change the world,
but we believe it is a start.
Thank you for taking time to disconnect with technology
and connect with yourself, each other, and nature!
~DeAnn & Kurt