John's äventyr

John's äventyr

äventyr is proud to be participating in the American Swedish Institute (ASI) Midsommar Handcraft Market on Saturday, June 15.  Midsommar is our favorite time of year, and the ASI is one of our favorite places.  In honor of Midsommar and the ASI, we have a few special blog posts this week.

John and his äventyr The Side Hustle at The American Swedish Institute

John with his Side Hustle (in Briquette) at The American Swedish Institute.

John is Member & Donor Services Coordinator at The American Swedish Institute (ASI).  Like Ingrid, I met John when I began volunteering at the ASI.  I would see John come in with his bike gear after his morning commute and we began talking cycling on many different levels.  Of course our conversations eventually turned to me sharing ideas about äventyr that John enthusiastically supported. 

ASI äventyr Feedback Group

We were excited to have John's feedback at our ASI feedback group in 2017.

Soon John gathered a group of cyclists from the ASI to meet together in one of the first äventyr feedback groups (he gives great feedback!) and he later road tested one of our Side Hustle prototypes.

John having a fika with his new äventyr The Side Hustle

John is pictured here when I brought him his very own Side Hustle and we had a fika at Fika Restaurant at the American Swedish Institute.  Not all äventyr deliveries come with a fika, but maybe they should...  

We were pleased that John wanted to purchase The Side Hustle when we finished our first micro batch.  We like to call John our official/unofficial ambassador and are appreciative of all the support John has shown towards äventyr.  And he is a great fika friend!

I asked John to tell us more about his cycling äventyr in his own words.  Read on...

What kind of cyclist would you describe yourself as?  What is your personal cycling story? I don’t have a car, so a bicycle is my preferred mode of transport. Typically, I won’t go somewhere unless I can bike or a friend insists on giving me a ride.

You were one of our Side Hustle test users and used one of our early prototypes last fall.  After using the bag for a few weeks, you decided to buy one - why?  My back was getting tired of using a backpack while bicycling and I needed something that worked in a variety of situations. This could be commuting, visiting a restaurant, running errands, whatever a particular day throws at me. The Side Hustle fits all these needs with a sturdy, thoughtful design that blends seamlessly between carrying lunch and a bike lock, to holding the valuables on an all-day bike adventure. Many of the other panniers on the market look like you’re about to set-out for a 500 mile bike tour, but the Side Hustle fits into work, play and adventure scenarios. With the numerous pockets, I feel like I know where everything is placed in my Side Hustle bag and I’m not left frantically groping around the inside of a pannier when I get to the register of the coffee shop.

John's crazy long bike lock fits in the easy access lock pocket in äventyr The Side Hustle at the back of the bag!

John's crazy long bike lock fits in the easy access lock pocket in äventyr The Side Hustle!

Also too, just when I got into the swing of using the bag every day, I was surprised to find a special pocket for my bike lock! This pocket was so effortlessly included in the design that I didn’t notice it initially and now I wouldn’t know what to do without it.

John, owner of äventyr The Side Hustle in Briquette

Would you recommend The Side Hustle to someone else?  What would you say to them to convince them to invest in an äventyr bag?  People regularly stop me (I always give them your card DeAnn!) and ask where I got this bag. It feels good to say that it’s locally designed and produced and that I’m supporting a business that lifts up bicycling as part of a healthy lifestyle that’s not just for ‘outdoorsy’ or ‘athlete’ types. The Side Hustle may be the trendiest thing I own….

John, owner of äventyr the Side Hustle, with DeAnn, Owner of äventyr

Thank you John for being an inspiration and support for äventyr!  ~DeAnn and Kurt 

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