äventyr The Side Hustle Bicycle Laptop Pannier Bag at Anelace Coffee Minneapolis

Local äventyr

äventyr The Side Hustle Laptop Bicycle Pannier Bag in Deep Auburn at Anelace Coffee
Local is a lifestyle äventyr supports.
At äventyr we love keeping it local.
Local is how and where we eat,
it is how and where we shop,
and it is the ethics behind our business.
At äventyr we believe in supporting local year round;
in the Summer we put our bicycle bags on our bikes and roll out,
and in the Winter we bring our bags on our shoulders for a hygge escape.
This week in Minneapolis/St. Paul there are a number of cycling enthusiasts in town for an 'industry' event ~ Frostbike.
We thought we would help them find some local flavor by sharing a few of our favorite local spots that we roll to on bike dates in the Summer
and hang out at in the Winter;
always with our äventyr bags.
We also thought those of you who find yourself in Minneapolis might find this list valuable as well.
Look for this to be a frequent topic with us, we are looking forward to sharing more as we get out and äventyr this year!

äventyr The Side Hustle in Deep Auburn at Anelace Coffee

fäventyr The Social in Cobalt during one of our board meetings at Anelace Coffee

äventyr The Social in Cobalt at Anelace Coffee

fika, fika, fika - why we started making bags.  
Anelace Coffee:
Bike racks right in front of the door (bonus points in our book!), additionally there are multiple racks nearby.
We are proud to support a business that thinks like we do and believes in making impactful business decisions;
" Anelace Coffee is a specialty coffee shop dedicated to service and quality. We offer a rotating selection of single-origin brewed coffee and espresso drinks. Our coffees are sourced, roasted, and prepared with careful attention to detail." ~Anelace Coffee
We frequently bike here in the Summer, but we can also be found here in the depth of Winter.
This is the place we have most of our äventyr 'board meetings', coming to agreement on some of our biggest decisions.

äventyr The Social in Nautical Red at the American Swedish Institute

äventyr The Social in Nautical Red at Fika at the American Swedish Institute

äventyr The Social in Nautical Red viewing The Fantastical Worlds of Kim Simonsson at The American Swedish Institute

Fika and The American Swedish Institute
Bike racks near the front door and another group next to the parking lot provide plenty of bicycle parking on an average day here.
äventyr is all about a fika, and we can be found here often.
Fika at the ASI is one of the best restaurants in Minneapolis!
And The American Swedish Institute is a special gem!
At Fika we recommend The Gravlax washed down with a Karmeliet Tripel and ending with the Cardamom Bread Pudding and a strong coffee.
Then we suggest taking a stroll through the one-of-a-kind mansion built by Swedish Immigrants and participating in the dynamic and current programing.
äventyr The Social in Nautical Red at Cafe Alma Minneapolis
äventyr The Social in Nautical Red at Cafe Alma
äventyr The Social in Nautical Red on the ride home from Cafe Alma
Cafe Alma:
Bike racks along the side of the restaurant are often full, but they are there.  Last time we were here we had to awkwardly lock up to a sign pole because every nearby rack was full (probably with student bikes from the nearby University). We would love to see more bike parking in this area for our frequent visits.
Cafe Alma is another great spot for a fika, lunch, or dinner; plus the best baked goods in town!
Cafe Alma should be called the Brasserie of The North; we love being in this space ~ it feels like home.
This is one of our our top bike date spots in the Summer.
Team äventyr bike date to Centro Minneapolis
äventyr The Social in Cobalt at Centro Minneapolis
äventyr The Social in Olive at Centro Minneapolis
äventyr The Social in Olive
äventyr The Social in Cobalt stopping to visit the Nordeast Turkey's on a bike date to Centro.
Bike parking is a work in progress here.  Last Summer there was a rickety rack by the restaurant, but we typically chose to lock up to the more stable and secure fence across the street.  Usually by the time we left this fence was full of bikes; this is also a popular area to bike to taprooms in Nordeast Minneapolis.
When we moved to Minneapolis from San Francisco we dearly missed good Mexican food.  No more - thanks to Centro!
We declare Centro (and upscale next door spot Popul Vuh) to be THE Best Mexican Food in town.
We love biking here in the Summer and sitting out on the patio, but getting cozy inside in the winter is great too!
And sometimes, you get to see the Northeast Turkeys on the ride.
äventyr The Social in Cobalt and Solrig
äventyr The Social in Cobalt and our new tool roll!
Kurt, äventyr Owner, at the Fatbike Loppet testing the new tool roll
Although we dearly miss our Summer Bike Dates,
and are once again between snowstorms in Minneapolis,
you will not hear us complaining.
We have been busy prototyping and testing new product.
And as always keeping it local.
If you ever find yourself in our fair city, please drop a line or DM.
We'd love to meet you for a drink and hand delivery of your äventyr purchase!
Thank you for supporting local
and shopping äventyr!
~DeAnn & Kurt
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