Partnership:  Farmstead Bike Shop

Partnership: Farmstead Bike Shop

äventyr at Farmstead Bike Shop
is a word tossed around in retail frequently.
Often it is used in conversations to strong arm 'partners' on price. 
Not at äventyr. 
At äventyr when we say 'partner', we really mean it. 
We choose to work with the people we do because
1.  We like them,
2.  We like what they are doing, and
3.  We want to work with them as partners for the long term. 
Of course we want them to sell our products, but it is more than that. 
It is about us believing in äventyr products together,
building a supportive relationship for the long-haul,
and believing in community through bicycling.  
äventyr The Social at Farmstead Bike Shop
äventyr is pleased to have Farmstead Bike Shop as our new partner!
If you have not been to Farmstead yet,
you are missing out!
Greg has put together a great shop and a great team
who are doing great things both inside, and outside, of their shop.
äventyr The Social at Farmstead Bike Shop
Farmstead has smartly been building community through their Friday 
Bikes and Beer rides.
These opportunities for urban cyclists to socialize are
the perfect match for The Social.
We love stopping in at local tap rooms and
Getting Social.
We suggest you too do it in style
by stopping in at Farmstead
and purchasing your very own
äventyr Get Social!
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