The äventyr did not begin, it continues...

The äventyr did not begin, it continues...

äventyr did not happen overnight, it really started long before we knew where we were headed.  When we look back, we see everything that informed us up to this point.

As we prepared for the launch of the äventyr blog, the visible threads became clearer:

1.  BICYCLING has always been there, always.  It is the foundation of not only our urban experiences, but our life experiences, and a big part of the why and how we strategize about our company.

2.  We have spent a lot of time in URBAN ENVIRONMENTS and NATURE, both in the places we have lived and the places we have been lucky to TRAVEL to.

3.  We seek out experiences to enhance our EVERYDAY.

(2006):  The year we moved from San Francisco to Minneapolis. 

(This is us shortly after stepping out of the moving van.)

Kurt was racing for San Francisco based Roaring Mouse Cycles (which at the time was a tiny little shop out in the Inner Sunset).  This photo is of Kurt with our best friend Dunker (RIP) at the Cherry Pie Race in Napa, CA.  Kurt has raced on and off for many years, but being part of this team really set the foundation for both of us of how important bicycling was to who we were and who we would become.

DeAnn was working at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (which at the time did not have the big new white addition on it). This photo is actually from 2004 at the Glamour opening at SFMOMA.  Working at SFMOMA instilled in both of us an appreciation for good ~ good art, good design, good photography, good painting, etc.  Good is good, and when you see it you know it. Being in such a stimulating environment solidified an already established foundation for both of us in how important good is in everyday life ~ always.

The Social may have just launched in 2018, but we've been at this long before we knew where we were going.  The äventyr did not begin, it continues...

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