The Social ~ a YouTube Star!

The Social ~ a YouTube Star!

äventyr The Social Celebrating Summer at the Lake

hej hej!

Summer is Not Over until we say it is over, which will be never by the way because we LOVE Summer!

But we will concede, it is time to celebrate the 'end' of Summer with a
äventyr The Social at the Lake
We thought NOW would be the PERFECT TIME to hang out at the lake and show YOU exactly how we use
The Social
äventyr The Social Celebrating Summer at the Lake
In this inspirational how to video, you will see how easy it is to use The Social. In essentially 3 minutes, you are able to arrive at your destination, lock your bike, remove The Social from your bike rack (...have fun...) and then reattach The Social to your rack, unlock your bike, and head home. All with ease through good design. Designed by cyclists for people who want to ride their bicycle.
What's that you say?
You have been waiting for our bags to go on end-of-season sale?!

Sorry, as a micro-batch limited release Made in Minneapolis small business, we do not subscribe to the deep discount model of retail pricing.  Our prices are always honest, and always fair.  And our products are premium quality that we intend to be with you for a long time.
We talked about that recently here and have always felt that way, more here.
äventyr wishes you a fun-filled and safe Labor Day Weekend!
äventyr Getting Social
And remember, it is never too late to Get Social.

Summer really is not over yet...
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