What does bike racing have to do with äventyr?

äventyr at the Trek CX Cup at Trek HQ in Waterloo, WI - this still gives me goosebumps!
You might be wondering how a professional women's bike race has anything to do with a company who makes
'Bicycle Bags for the Urban Adventure'.
Bags for the urban dweller...
Well, we are here to tell you that it has EVERYTHING to do with äventyr, and we are here to tell you why.
Katie Compton people!  KatieFnCompton!!!
yup, that's KatieFnCompton alright!
What inspires you to be your best you?
Surly it is the people you surround yourself with,
the people you aspire to be,
and the people that you follow who inspire you.
Real people.
I am real people.  You are real people.  Katie Compton is real people.
Let's be real.
DeAnn, Owner of äventyr, on her Tuesday ride
Bike Therapy aka. My Tuesday Sanity ride
You can want to be like someone else superficially,
but what you really need to be doing is finding out how to be the best you.
This is me in the picture above 4-5 times a week; in fact this was me this morning.
Every Tuesday I have a non-negotiable ride with myself to keep my head on straight; I call these rides my 'Sanity Rides' and 'Bicycle Therapy' - and I am not joking.
äventyr working it at the Trek CX Cup
And this is me working.  Really...
Probably about 48 hours before this moment, I was ready to throw in the towel on äventyr.  Kurt and I had a pretty animated conversation about it and I said I was done.
I do that a lot.
As a new small business owner trying to figure out how to make my company successful, 95% by myself (Kurt still works in Corporate America so we can pay our bills) I often am lonely, frustrated, feel like nothing is working, and want to give up.
And then I go for a bike ride.
äventyr rides in the rain
riding through the emotional struggle of wanting to quit
Sometimes in the rain.
And I think of the women who inspire me.
If I have just been to a race like, say, the Trek CX Cup,
I think of the women I saw with my very own eyes,
pushing themselves to the absolute limits of their abilities.
Not quitting.
Not giving up.
Working through the pain
and the mental talk.
Because what do you get if you don't?
And what do you get if you push yourself and keep going?
The sky is the limit.
You decide.
It's all up to you.
Ellen Noble and Marianne Vos at Trex CX Cup 2018
Did I have a premonition here?!!  Ellen Noble (2nd) and Marianne Vos (1st)!
What I am most proud of with äventyr is the support from not only the
women in the cycling community,
but women in general. 
This is a MOMENT ladies, in so many more ways than one.
A beautiful example of rising in this moment,
by someone who inspires me,
is quoted here (from Ellen Noble):
"So much to say after yesterday's race. But I'll start with this: HOLY CRAP SECOND PLACE AT THE WATERLOO WORLD CUP! 😍🙈🥊✨💎🎉 I lined up prepared for battle, and a battle we had. I had a piece of tape on my stem that said "for those who can't" and a fire in my heart that I've never felt before. I wanted that win so badly. I left it all out there. And in the end was bested by the G.O.A.T. I can't ask for any more. Growing up in cyclocross like I did, I've watched @mariannevosofficialwin a lot of races. Yesterday I got to see it from a different angle and the whole moment brought me to tears. There were a lot of emotions crossing the line, but disappointment wasn't one of them. Yesterday was the best race I've ever had + the first time I've ever truly felt like I could come out on top. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, to @trekbikes for making this day all that is was. For your support of my career. For giving us the Marquee spot, for equal prize money, and so much more. This event has made it's stamp on CX history!!! And thank you to everyone else for all your love. Still buzzing! 🐝 xoxo!"
äventyr weekly board meeting
This is me and Kurt at our weekly äventyr board meeting.
A lot of times I sit across the table from him,
feeling those familiar wanting to quit feelings.
But then Tuesday rolls around again,
I channel the real people who inspire me,
and I keep going.
I am a cycling addict.
I am absolutely NOT a racer.
But I have never let my self definition limit who I am as a cyclist.
You can be the äventyr business owner who rides her city bike with her lovely bag,
but you can also be the one on the sidelines of a world class bike race with your lovely bag cheering these amazing women on for all they have given you (and they don't even know it).
Sanity.  Drive.  Passion.
A desire to be the best me I can be.
This is not just about a bike bag...
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