äventyr has Your Back

äventyr has Your Back

So, it's been Summer for awhile...

And everything about Summer is SOOOO GOOOODDD!!!! 

äventyr The Social BIcycle Pannier Bag in Cobalt

You have been biking by ski's, not thinking about ski's.  All you are thinking about is Getting Social on that patio you are headed to.

äventyr The Social Bicycle Pannier Musette Bag in Cobalt Blue

And you are living in this lovely weather bubble where you think about nothing but the Sun shining on you and the smile on your face.

Except... maybe you have been trying out some different bag options for yourself when you ride your bicycle, and you are realizing that they do not work very well for you. 

äventyr The Social bicycle pannier musette bag in Cobalt

You told yourself you were not going far, and so did not need to invest in a 'bike bag'.  Then you started realizing you needed to bring a good lock with you, and they are heavy.  And you know you should be bringing something in case you get a flat, but it's too much to think about.  But, now you are starting to be honest with yourself and are feeling like getting a 'bike bag' might be a good idea after all.

äventyr bicycle bag company owners DeAnn and Kurt and Minneapolis Institute of Art Bike Night 2019

We hear you.  Sometimes it takes awhile to step into an investment.  We've been there.  We have tried 'other bags' and well...  here we are ~ We started äventyr!  If that isn't telling you something, I'm not sure what will...

äventyr The Social bicycle pannier musette bag in Nautical Red

Maybe you are finding yourself in these scenarios:

When you go on a ride to meet friends, you are arriving not looking as good as you did when you left the house because your back is a sweaty mess from wearing that backpack you grabbed on your way out the door.  You looked at it and thought, 'everyone else seems to use backpacks on their bicycles', but then you realized they must not care about being a sweaty mess.

And you also found out that the backpack seemed light when you left the house, 'I'm just throwing a couple of things in it', but somehow during the ride to where you were going it suddenly felt like you had a lead weight hanging off your shoulders. 

Maybe you have one of those backpacks with string straps that you got for free and you thought it would work for a quick trip, but pretty quickly it started digging into your shoulders and back and you thought to yourself 'maybe this is not the most clever bag to wear when I bike'?  

Me biking with a backpack in 2012, and then never again...

Maybe like me you tried a backpack once and you already knew it was a bad idea, but you were enamored with the idea of the backpack.  You knew you had a bad back (thanks Grandma and Mom), but you thought you could do it, and now you have to admit that you can't.  You are thinking to yourself, 'letting my bike carry the weight instead of my back and skeletal system seems a much smarter way to go'.

Maybe you thought the messenger bag was the way to go after trying the backpack, but then you realized 'this has almost the exact same issues as the backpack I tried'.

 äventyr The Social Spring Loaded Pannier Bike Rack Clips

äventyr The Side Hustle Spring Loaded Bike Rack Clip System

Can you relate to any of these scenarios?  Then let's talk backs and bags and bikes, and about why we made our first two äventyr bags as panniers.

äventyr The Side Hustle Bicycle Laptop Pannier Bag in Deep Auburn

There are so many misconceptions in cycling about what contributes to back discomfort and pain.  I can speak from experience that some of the things you think will help, will not.  And most surprisingly, the things that you think will be the worst can turn out to be the best.  I have been cycling since I was a child, and cognizant of back pain probably almost all of that time - so much so that I know my entire adult life has been spent trying to find a comfortable bicycle, until 2009 (when I was 38).

Back comfort is SO IMPORTANT to me, that it was CRITICAL to me that the first bags I designed and launched at äventyr were pannier bags.  Pannier bags let your bike do the work, and let you enjoy the ride (this is TRUE!).

DeAnn, äventyr owner, with a previous bike she owned

Me with what I thought would be a good bike for my back in 2009.

When I started falling hard for cycling again after moving to Minneapolis, I was actively blogging and found a group of like-minded women who were also blogging, and we all were purchasing 'Dutch-style' bicycles.  I purchased an upright bicycle that was great for quick (very short) neighborhood trips, but quickly had to admit that sitting in an upright position was actually doing more harm than good.  I was frequently in pain riding this style of bike and remember exactly where I was when I was riding it and had to admit to myself that although aesthetics are important, they are not everything, and I had to let this bike go.  [Clearly, aesthetics are also important to me, why else would I have bought such a beautiful bicycle and created a company around aesthetically pleasing bicycle bags?!].

DeAnn's first professional bike fit on a road bike

Meanwhile, at the same time I also purchased a road bicycle (thanks to Kurt's recommendation), and had my first professional bicycle fit.  I never, ever, thought I would be comfortable riding a road bicycle, or be riding around town in lycra, but this bicycle quickly became one of the great loves of my life.

DeAnn, owner of äventyr, and her first road bike

The beginning of the tradition of kissing my bikes 'thank you' every fall on my last ride of the season.

DeAnn, äventyr owner, with her Trek city bike and The Social in Cobalt at the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden

I came to love the comfort I felt on this bicycle so much, I sold my upright bicycle, and purchased a lower-end model of my road bicycle that had the exact same geometry, this became my city bike.  And I have never looked back.  This is the bike you will see in the majority of our photos, and may have seen with us at events.

Genetically the cards are not in my favor against back pain, especially as I age.  And I quite frequently suffer from back pain.  So for me, designing our first bags was all about taking care of my back, both in regard to comfort/pain and sweat (because why would you want to show up somewhere with a sweaty back?).

äventyr German-made Spring Loaded Bicycle Rack Attachment System

German-made Spring Loaded Pannier Clips are used on all äventyr pannier bags (The Social and The Side Hustle).

I worked hard at sourcing a system for our bags to clip onto bicycle racks that met the following criteria:  1.  Must be easy to use  2.  Must universally fit different bicycle racks  3.  High Quality.  I am so happy that I found a German manufacturer that is providing us a clip system that meets all of these criteria.  The last thing I wanted was for our attachment system to be intimidating to you.  Both Kurt and I can speak from experience that we LOVE this clip system.  Although more expensive than other systems you will see out on the market, like everything else we invest in, we believe these clips are worth it!

äventyr The Side Hustle Bicycle Pannier Laptop Bag with German-made attachment system

Perhaps you are trying to talk yourself out of a bike bag because it's August.  We also get that.  But here is what I will tell you about äventyr...

  • We do not have end-of-season sales.  Want to know more, go here.  So if you have your eye on an äventyr ~ know that we are almost sold out on all of our bags, if you like one NOW is the time to buy.
  • We make bags for your lifestyle.  Are you talking yourself out of buying a bike bag because it is the end of the Summer and you think you will not use it in the winter?  We use our bags year-round.  They may not be made for salty-slushy snow days, but they are definitely made to be taken to work, on flights to warm places, to your local coffee shop, wherever life takes you.  We believe investing in our bicycle bags is actually a BETTER investment than a bag you can only use in the Summer.  Think about it...

äventyr The Social Bicycle Pannier Musette Bag in Nautical Red

Kurt and I both believe taking care of your body is important.  It is ALL you have.  Not treating yourself well, and not caring for your body, WILL have impact on you as you age.  Do yourself a favor, look like this now...

DeAnn, äventyr Owner, with äventyr The Social Bicycle Pannier Musette Bag in CobaltKurt, äventyr Owner, with The Side Hustle Bicycle Pannier Laptop Bag prototype in Olive

so you can look like this later...

äventyr Bicycle Bag Owners, DeAnn & Kurt

~ DeAnn (and Kurt)

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