Woman Owned.  Woman Made.  Woman focused!

Woman Owned. Woman Made. Woman focused!

äventyr The Social at Seven Spokes Bike Shop
äventyr The Social made it across the river - to St. Paul, MN!
Welcome Seven Spokes Bike Shop to the äventyr family!
Seven Spokes is  Your local woman owned bike shop”.
Alicia, owner of Seven Spokes Bike Shop
äventyr is particularly excited about our partnership with Alicia, the owner of Seven Spokes Bike Shop in St. Paul, MN. 
Why are we excited?
Have you ever walked into a bike shop and felt intimidated, drowning in technical talk, not cool enough for school, embarrassed when you talk about the color of the bike you want, intimidated that you do not know much about bikes, overwhelmed by all the jargon, concerned they are going to up-sell you to something you do not need? 
I could go on and on...
I have been this woman.
I know these women - they talk to me all the time.
You definitely do not need to feel that way with Alicia.
äventyr The Social displayed at Seven Spokes Bike Shop
For all these reasons, but also as a woman small business owner, and a woman cyclist ~I have really enjoyed getting to know Alicia. 
It has been fun to learn about the perspectives we have in common, and to have the support of another woman small business owner just starting out in 'the industry'.
Riding a bicycle is just that ~riding a bicycle; everyone should feel free to do it.
Sometimes bicycling gets discussed with such big political agendas, frankly it is exhausting. 
Yes, I am excited Seven Spokes is Woman Owned and Woman Focused, because I believe that is important. 
But I also think bicycling does not need to be so complicated and bogged down with agendas.  Just ride how you want to ride and if you find some nice people along the way who think like you - then you are a lucky bicyclist building your community - yay you! 
Anya & äventyr The Social at Seven Spokes Bike Shop
Stop by Seven Spokes and check out The Social for yourself!
And while you are there tell the team we say 'hej hej'!
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