Collection: Gravel Bags

We, DeAnn & Kurt, are avid gravel cyclists, but it wasn't always that way.  In fact, when we started äventyr we never planned to sell gravel bags.  But as our love for gravel cycling has grown over the last few years, so did our needs and we didn't want to ride with something we didn't design. 

So together we designed two bags that work great individually, and even better when paired together ~ especially on your longer rides or at events.  We use every bag we make, and these have been through the test at events like Mid South Gravel and Heck of the North, and in places like Chequamegon National Forest and Bighorn National Forest.

The Gräventyr Bar Bag was designed to specifically meet the needs of a gravel rider who rides for leisure, adventure, and at events. That said, we know from first-hand experience this handlebar bag works just as well for your urban cycling adventures.  

This bag is compact with all the pockets for all the needs:  specifically ~ 2 gravel tubes, 2 CO2 cartridges, tire levers, multi-tool, master link combo pliers, a little something extra (chapstick anyone?), and of course 

your mobile phone.

The Seat Rollio was one of the first bags we designed.  We use this underseat tool roll on all our bikes (road, fat, gravel).  The Seat Rollio keeps your essential items:  C02 cartridges, tire levers, and a hex key/multi-tool set.  On longer rides and events when you need double and extra everything, The Seat Rollio pairs perfectly with the Gräventyr Bag in matching, or mix and match color combinations.