Collection: Handlebar Bags

äventyr bicycle handlebar bags meet your needs and give you panache as you roll, in the city and far far out of the city.

All of our handlebar bags have built-in tool storage, as well as a mobile phone pocket, and there is still room to stash your essentials.

The Essential Handlebar Bag is our 'city' bag, a motivator to get on your bike to meet up with friends for a chat in the park, or that hang on a tap-room patio.  The quick-attach velcro straps are easy to access and stash in the rear pocket, the shoulder strap is detachable so you can tuck inside your bag during your ride and attach when you arrive at your destination.  There is even a pocket made for your chapstick!

The Gräventyr Bar Bag was designed specifically for gravel riding, but we've been told a beer nicely tucks in place if you are headed off to meet some friends at a park.