Responsibly Handcrafted

äventyr is committed
to making
thoughtfully designed quality products
we believe in and use.
DeAnn, Owner + Creative Director + Creator at äventyr

People might say a little company like äventyr will not change the world and could never upset the status quo.  We disagree.  We believe that with your help, we can try our damndest to do things differently, and that all of us collectively have the power to make a meaningful difference ~ through manufacturing processes we support and purchasing decisions we make.

DeAnn, äventyr Owner + Creative Director + Designer + Handcrafter, in the äventyr Studio
äventyr chooses MICRO BATCH LIMITED RELEASE PRODUCTION.  We purchase only the materials needed for each production run.  We make just enough to ensure our products go to people who want them, not a landfill.
äventyr is dedicated to HANDCRAFTED QUALITY.  We consider sewing to be a fine art and believe that the people who make our quality products are truly artisans. 
äventyr believes in doing things SLOW while still being FASHIONABLE.  We make non-seasonal products meant to stand the test of time.  This means we choose colors that are timeless (not trendy), and that we launch products when we are ready.
äventyr supports RESPECTFUL LIVING WAGES.  We want to enjoy our work and be treated with respect and we are positive the people we work with want that too.  We build relationships of collaboration and partnership and treat the people we work with respectfully for the long-haul. 
äventyr practices HONEST SUSTAINABLE PRICING.  The accepted retail practices of continuous discounting, free shipping, and underpricing of products are not honest or sustainable, especially for a small business that plans to stay small.  On occassion we may share discounting and free shipping, but with discretion.  We understand our pricing is higher, but we KNOW you understand WHY.
äventyr knows YOUR DOLLARS ARE IMPACTFUL.  We believe the most impactful thing one can do is to 'vote with your dollars'.  Our products are designed and handcrafted in Minneapolis, MN USA, helping to support our local economy and good people doing good things.  Additionally when possible, we will choose to donate a percentage of the money you give us to organizations in our local and national community doing good things we believe in.
Thank you for supporting good people doing good things!
~DeAnn and Kurt
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