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Meet the äventyr Team

äventyr team:  DeAnn


Owner + Creative Director

A foundational career in the arts working at world class art museums set the stage for DeAnn to develop an ingrained eye for aesthetics, an appreciation for quality design, and a belief in the importance of creativity.  DeAnn's career progressed to overseeing product development for major retailers sharpening DeAnn's business acumen, gaining in-depth knowledge of the manufacturing industry, and mastering the balance between good design and a marketable product.

DeAnn is also an avid cyclist. 

In 2017 DeAnn followed her heart to combine her professional experiences with her love for cycling.  Forever looking for the perfect thing that aligns with her aesthetic tastes lead her to create äventyr.

DeAnn enjoys exploring cities by bicycle both in normal clothing and lots of lycra.  She is a strong believer in connecting the mind and body through cycling.

More about DeAnn's journey here.

Kurt, äventyr Owner + CFO + Land Run 100 Finisher 


Owner + CFO

Kurt has extensive business experience working at the largest specialty retailer in the U.S. and multiple health-related companies.  Well regarded by his colleagues, Kurt has a knack for keeping things light, dreaming a bit, and steering a realistic course.  Kurt is also an avid cyclist. 

When he is not at his day job, or out on one of his bikes, Kurt is a key strategist and partner at äventyr.  

Kurt's cycling motivation comes from tracking his cycling stats and racing bikes (road, gravel, cyclocross, fat bike).  We are proud of Kurt for becoming a Land Run 100 Finisher in 2019 (we will be back in 2021 and LR is now called The Mid South)!

äventyr: Kurt and DeAnn team äventyr Bike Date team äventyr lover's ride  Kurt & DeAnn, äventyr Owners, Badlands National Park

Kurt and DeAnn spend the majority of their time together talking about cycling and riding bikes. They can often be found at a locally owned coffee shops, restaurants, and out on their bikes for their weekly bicycle Lover's Rides.

Inge, äventyr Team Member


Human Capitol Support Team Lead

Inge and DeAnn are the dynamic duo; thanks to Inge working her way into DeAnn's heart and being a faithful companion at her side at all times. Inge has learned to love cycling because it means great camping trips with the pack, snuggles in front of the television during race coverage, and happy and healthy friends when they get back from their "constant" rides.

Inge has been a solid friend to the entire team;  most importantly she was there for Loki as he struggled with his illness and is now lead apprentice to Solrig as he learns the ropes with the team.

äventyr team:  Solrig


aka "Puppy Management"

Solrig joined the team in November 2018.  Because he grew up next to DeAnn sewing, he prefers falling asleep to the sound of a bobbin winding and loves supervising/sleeping in the äventyr Studio.  Solrig makes us smile every day, has a strong work ethic, and a strong FUN ethic.


äventyr's Loki

äventyr's Loki äventyr's Inge & Loki äventyr Team 2018


Loki was with us from the beginning, and 7 years before that.  He was our "BIGGUY"- 90 lbs. of all muscle, but also 90 lbs of love.  Not only was Loki a big physical presence in our lives, he had a HUGE personality and his endless desire for adventure took us many places.  Loki was caring, affectionate, loving, sweet, protective, vocal, demanding, and sometimes a bit crazy.  We desperately miss him, but are thankful to have known him.


In his final months Loki showed us what acceptance, determination, and the importance of love is, and we will forever be grateful to him.  You can read more about Loki here and here.