Who Are You?

hej hej, My name is DeAnn and I craft written and visual stories about a Cycling Lifestyle in The North.

I am a GenX-er who rides and creates at my home bases in Minneapolis, Minnesota and Northern Wisconsin.

What is äventyr?

äventyr the word is Swedish for ‘adventure’.

äventyr the brand originally started as a bicycle bag company in 2018. I designed and made the bags, but I also wrote a lot on my business blog and for my business newsletters.

Many people for many years have told me how much they like my writing (a skill I sharpened in graduate school). I took mental note of these unsolicited comments and started realizing that writing is an important thread in my life.

So when I closed my business in late 2021, I wanted to keep one of the most important parts of my business alive ~ my writing.

So hej! Here I am sharing my writing with you.

What’s Are Your Stories?

My husband (Kurt) and I are avid Gravel Cyclists, and because of that ~ in 2022 we started building the Spider Lake Crash Pad in Northern Wisconsin. A place to spend more time at so we can gravel bike more than on just weekends, and we can become part of the amazing cycling community in our area.

We became our own general contractors (not by choice) on our cabin/part-time home and have learned/are learning A LOT. We thought sharing our journey would be educational, entertaining, and inspiring. Cabin Stories documents our building process and our life as cyclists.

In the Fall of 2023 I added GenX Notes. This is where I share our experiences of aging as GenX Athletes. After all, we built the Crash Pad specifically so we could live part time on a gravel road and ride our bicycles right out our front door.

I specifically started GenX Notes because…. what I didn’t expect at the time of our big Crash Pad project, was that soon after our decision to build, the roller coaster ride my body would start taking me through would begin affecting my dream to ‘ride as much gravel as I can for as long as I can’ right out our front door. For me, it felt like one day the wheels fell off and I was worried I would never get them back on.

I have been thinking about writing these stories long before I started knowing fully the journey my body would take me on. As a GenX female athlete, I knew how important it would be for me to share my experiences during late perimenopause and beyond.

I am frequently sharing what I have learned with my friends and fellow athletes, so GenX notes is for me, for them, and for you. My goal is to make what I have learned more easily accessible and the experience less daunting. May my self-taught PhD in late perimenopause as an athlete, be your Cliff Notes to your discovery of how to navigate your experience and educate others around you.

I will likely write about other things too, and I talk about it all here.

Community is about sharing

We originally started äventyr because we wanted to build a community of like-minded individuals. Here you can be part of a community of people who share your interests.

I have found in particular with our cabin build, and dealing with late perimenopause as an athlete, how important community is. Without all the great people in our new community helping us, and in my cycling community helping me, our cabin and me would not be where we are today. This has solidified to us that COMMUNITY IS EVERYTHING.

Come be part of it!

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I’m just thankful you are here supporting my creativity and mental health, however you choose to do that. I appreciate you being part of this community! ~DeAnn

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Cabin. Cycling. Design. GenX-ers. My husband Kurt and I are avid Gravel Cyclists, and because of that ~ in 2022 we started building a cabin in Northern Wisconsin. These are our stories.


We craft written and visual stories about a Cycling Lifestyle in The North. That includes documenting our cabin build from the ground up (so we can ride more gravel than on just weekends) and sharing how we take care of ourselves as cycling GenXers.